This 20 Year Old Pisher Speaking at SMX West; Are You Going?

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Search Marketing Expo (SMX) West Speaker badgeVanessa Fox and the team at Third Door Media have given me an incredible opportunity – the opportunity to speak at SMX. Following Danny’s great explanation of what they were looking for in terms of pitches, I thought about my experience and what I could share with attendees. I pitched some ideas for local and voila – I’m in for the local panel 😀 ! So Third Door: Thanks a lot for taking a chance on me. I can’t predict the reception, but I can promise you I’ll be working like mad to make that presentation worth it for your attendees.

I highly encourage you guys to grab the early-bird special before it expires – you save $400!  It’s THE search marketing conference, and besides, I’ll be there ;). Not to mention that you’ll be able to hear Eric Lander on the same panel as yours truly, plus three reps from the major (*cough incompetent cough*) SEs. Eric’s written at SEJ, SEG (does anyone else get them confused a lot too?), the ISEdb (hey, me too! :D) and SEO Today. SEO Today? You know the man’s an OG.

In the meantime, see my latest post on how Google Maps have updated their SERPs with a booking engine, pics from their Panoramio site, and inserted reviews directly below each listing. This item on local-oriented domaining with Google Trends might also appeal to you. Did I mention my old blog also covered local search, and that it ranked for ‘local SEO,’ in the not too distant past (if you’re wondering, that’s useless keyword traffic-wise)?

I was trying to figure out how to make this post more informative and share some tips, but I’d have to get more info from Vanessa and co. on what they liked about my pitch. Considering how busy they are with preparations and organizational work, I think that can be best left to asking at the conference, in person.

Besides that, I’d like to ask if any of you other internet marketers (*cough Sphinn/SU/Youmoz friends, commenters, etc…*) who are going might care to share a room? I may be speaking, but $200+ a night is still expensive for me. FYI: I’m a clean guy, sociable, won’t wake you up if you like to hit the sack early and we might even trade some good tips ;). (On a related note, my sister used to rent a 1 and a half apartment here in Montreal for $800 a month …

Please write to me at gab at this domain if you’re interested in sharing a room.

P.S. A pisher is Yiddish for a [usually little] kid. “Hey pisher,” is a phrase my older sisters frequently use ;).

P.P.S. For those of you wondering why I haven’t posted lately, there are 2 answers.

One is that my site’s technology has a bug; it’s supposed to output on a /blog page but doesn’t. Only posts categorized a certain way shows up here on the homepage, but if I want the permalink to use a different category, I have no choice but to leave the post off the homepage. Hopefully, it’ll be resolved soon. In the meantime, see what these credibility failures taught me about link worthiness/linkability.

The other answer is that I’m working on a large SEO audit that’s taking up most of my free time, and what little I have left is going into working on a longer, more value-added post on motivation and influence.

Update: Motivation and Influence aka Be Nice to the Loner Kid is posted. Also, I had a blast at SMX and met a bunch of people, largely thanks to SEOmoz.

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