The Insanely Short-Sighted Tale of How Yahoo Killed Its Biz-Dev

Author: Gab Goldenberg

“One way to fight this sort of strategy [Google’s strategy of playing in every market] is Yahoo!’s sell or outsource everything but the logo strategy.” (-Google As A Publisher)

Amongst other moves listed there are the closing/selling of the Yahoo Publisher Network, Yahoo’s answer to AdSense, and the outsourcing of Yahoo shopping to PriceGrabber. If you take that along with Yahoo’s failure to ever take the analytics company it acquired out of beta, you see a pattern emerging:

Yahoo doesn’t stick by its products.

It launches divisions only to let them die later. It buys companies and does squat with them.

It’s well known in sales that large companies like dealing with large companies because they’re associated with greater stability. Stability is code for reliability/trustworthiness.

If you see the above pattern, and Yahoo offers to buy your company or partner with you… what’s your response going to be like?

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Author: sroiadmin