Sphinnterview With Wiep Knol

Recently, Sphinn has changed from a vote-driven (read: clique) system to editor-driven (read:non-social) system. This explains any things that seem out of place, as well as Twitter not being mentioned). Besides that, this continues our Sphinn Interview series, which previously featured Bob GladsteinPat AltoftSebastian, and Dave Harry.

Wiep KnolWiep runs the popular Link Building Blog aka Wiep.net, and co-founded LinkBuilding.nl which you’ll agree is pretty self-explanatory. (It’s part of the inspiration for me to get off my ass and do something with linkbuilding.ca …)

1) What benefits have you seen from your activity at Sphinn?

Sphinn turned out to be not only a great networking tool but also the perfect place to find outstanding SEO related info. I subscribed to at least a few dozen RSS feeds from blogs that I came across on Sphinn since the launch in July last year.

The direct traffic to my own blog is a great side effect.

2) Share 3 – 5 key elements of your success with Sphinn.

I guess that would be passion, dedication and a strange urgent need to
share stuff…

3) What other social networks do you participate in? Can you share your usernames there, and what type of content you’d consider sharing with the other members of those sites as well as what you wouldn’t pass on?

While I try to use as many social media websites as possible, I always find myself struggling to find enough time to do this sufficiently.

I do participate on Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and a few Dutch social websites on a regular basis, though.

4) What features (besides those announced, like “Mark as spam/Bury”) would you like to see on Sphinn?

I’d love to see a “follow this user” option, or something similar. Lots of members submit nothing but excellent stuff, and subscribing to their submissions would make sure that I don’t miss anything of it.

5) Are you a socialist or a medium? [A weak attempt at playing on ‘social media‘ that no one I asked this of understood. = bad joke]

Not sure what to answer here, could you elaborate a bit more?

6) Define the term: “Sphinn doctor.” [Ditto]

You mean this guy (http://sphinn.com/user/view/profile/login/sphinndr)? :P

7) Besides only submitting their own stuff or only sphinning their own stuff, what are some common mistakes people make with social media?

Submitting stuff that’s not relevant to the community. For example, submitting a serious post about the latest fashion trends in France probably isn’t very interesting for the average Digg community member.

People will consider something that’s not relevant for them to be SPAM quite easily.

Because there are lots of communities that DO like stuff about French fashion trends, I’d recommend focusing on those communities instead of just submitting your stuff everywhere.

8 ) Tell us a minimum 3 non-Sphinn items about yourself that people could use to catch your eye on Sphinn (i.e. to Sphinnbait you).

Do something with guerrilla marketing, graffiti art or football (soccer), and you have my full attention instantly. (Oh, and I hate to disappoint you, but unlike you mentioned in your YOUmoz post, I’m not a big fan of former Spurs player Davids… I’m a big fan of Dennis Bergkamp and Robin van Persie instead, who happen to play for the Spurs’ rival Arsenal.)

9) Which of Cialdini’s 6 principles do you feel most important to gaining influence and why? Can you share some anecdotes?

That would definitely be a Commitment. Participate with passion on a regular basis, and you will get noticed.

10) What is the future of social media?

The future is what you want it to be since you have an influence on social media yourself.

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Author: sroiadmin