Sphinnterview With Bill Hartzer

Recently, Sphinn has changed from a vote-driven (read:clique) system to editor-driven (read:non-social) system. This explains any things that seem out of place. Besides that, this continues our Sphinn Interview series, which previously featured Pat AltoftSebastian, and Dave HarryBob Gladstein and Wiep Knol.

Bill HartzerBill Hartzer is an expert SEO who also engages in corporate B2B website marketing.

1) What benefits have you seen from your activity at Sphinn?

As an online marketer, it’s important to have a presence in the industry. I believe that by participating on a regular basis in sites like Sphinn you’re building a brand for yourself and your business. It’s not just about getting links or promoting certain blog posts or articles that you feel are important (although that helps, too).

2) Share 3 – 5 key elements of your success with Sphinn.

The main “element of success” is to participate on a regular basis; it could be either a minute a day, 5 minutes a day, for 5 minutes a week. Just getting into a regular schedule of participating helps a great deal.

3) What other social networks do you participate in? Can you share your usernames there, and what type of content you’d consider sharing with the other members of those sites as well what you wouldn’t pass on?

There are a lot of other social networks that I participate in, perhaps even hundreds of them.

I believe it’s important to use the same username on all the sites you participate in because you’re not just participating: you’re actually building a brand and an online reputation. I usually use the username bhartzer, and a search at Google will give you some hints about the sites that I participate in on a regular basis.

4) What features (besides those announced, like “Mark as spam/Bury”) would you like to see on Sphinn?

I believe they’ve already taken care of the major issue that I had, which was an ability to report it as spam.

5) Are you a socialist or a medium? [A weak attempt at playing on ‘social media‘ that no one I asked this of understood. = bad joke]


6) Define the term: “Sphinn doctor.” [Ditto, though Bill’s answer acutally makes sense!]

Sphinn doctor=Sphammer. No, not really, but if you’re a sphinn doctor then you’re participating quite a bit–which is a good thing.

7) Besides only submitting their own stuff or only sphinning their own stuff, what are some common mistakes people make with social media?

The most common mistake that people make with social media I would say is to not use it to get the market share of links quickly to an article or blog post. I’ve talked about this before, but it makes a huge difference (organically) if you are the first to get the “market share of links” on a subject or topic. The second mistake is most likely submitting your own stuff to social networks; at least if you’re going to do that don’t use a username that’s the same or nearly identical to your domain name or the name of your blog. Sheesh!

8 ) Tell us a minimum 3 non-Sphinn items about yourself that people could use to catch your eye on Sphinn (i.e. to Sphinnbait you).

Three non-Sphinn items about me? Well the first would be that I own 32 chickens and 2 roosters. Well, okay that’s not really something that people could use to catch my eye on Sphinn.

I personally don’t mind, though, if someone contacts me and points out a great story on Sphinn. That doesn’t mean I’ll Sphinn it, but if it’s important to you it might be important to me.

Something else that would catch my eye would be if you Sphinn everything that I submit. Oops! Am I allowed to say that here? LOL

9) Which of Cialdini’s 6 principles do you feel most important to gaining influence and why? Can you share some anecdotes?

Who is Cialdini? Just kidding.

Personally, I don’t think that there’s any need to go after those principles. If you’re honest, you participate regularly in social media, and you point out stories or links that are good, then your friends will trust you by default. Use social media like it’s intended, we all can see right past the spam.

10) What is the future of social media?

There is definitely a big future in social media.

It’s easier now to see it because even the traditional media is beginning (finally) to accept it. We have CNN getting ready to launch iReport.com after having bought that domain name recently.

I find myself using social media sites not only as marketing tools but to keep up with what’s important in the news. I use Sphinn not only as a marketing tool but also as a way of keeping up with what’s important right now in the online marketing industry.?

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Author: sroiadmin