These Marketers Answered 3 Questions That Are Holding Back Your Conversion Rate

Answering prospects’ questions are key to selling them, and sometimes it’s frustrating to try and guess people’s questions/objections from scratch. I noticed the following great examples of marketers answering questions at exactly the right time – the point of action – and thought others would benefit from learning these objections and answers.

This post isn’t only for CRO professionals through – Google’s Panda update looks at whether consumers would trust your site with their credit card.

Questions and objections vary from industry to industry, but I found the following three examples I thought you’d enjoy.

AirBNB explains that they won’t post to your wall without your permission if you sign in via Facebook. Where do they do that? Near their Facebook Connect login button.

Airbnb does Facebook Connect signin well - don't worry about us posting to your wall

I forget the store, but this merchant selling Microsoft office knows that people shopping online are concerned with the privacy of their credit card details. And since the call to action is a visual-focus point on the page, the following implementation of a McAffee secure logo is superior to implementations putting it out of people’s sightlines in the header or footer. (If this is your site, let me know and I’ll give you credit.)

Microsoft software reassurances at checkout

Did you know the NYTimes is an affiliate? Indeed they are, and a savvy one too. They sell theater tickets, generating traffic by email. Look at their email form below and you’ll notice that they go beyond the standard privacy policy reassurance to also offering a sample email, something advocated by those gurus of CRO, the Eisenbergs.

Sample email reassurance by NYTimes

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Author: sroiadmin