Where Do I Take My Business Next?

Author: Gab Goldenberg

With my book set to come out hopefully in the next few weeks, I’m on the fence as to where I want to go next career-wise. I’d love to hear your advice and suggestions.

As things stand, my situation looks like this:

1) I have 5 years of experience in SEO, with some PPC thrown in (a fair amount of it using Facebook).
2) With hard work and help from friends, I’m hopeful that selling my book will provide a satisfactory income.
3) I have a business plan or two in some e-commerce markets that can be pretty lucrative … but I have trouble maintaining my own motivation over extended periods. Hence them not yet becoming full-time businesses. I’d need a partner with a programming/coding background probably.
4) I can continue selling services that have worked fine over these past 5 years but generally is not exciting.

What should I do? My goals are to make a stable and growing revenue and from there to build a large business.

Author: sroiadmin