Keith Hagen of ConversionIQ Previews Conversion Conference

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Keith Hagen of ConversionIQ is set to speak at the next Conversion Conference in Chicago. He graciously agreed to an interview ahead of the show.

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1) What’s the topic of your presentation? How did you come up with that?

The topic is “Testing What Matters” and it arose from a conversion I had with another CRO and were talking about how all these massive corporations (like the ones we had both come out of) have the best testing tools and are testing, but not getting results, and how it was due that fact they just don’t know what to test.

2) What attracted you to Conversion Conference vs another show?

I was scheduled to speak last year on the behalf of the company I worked for (Webroot) where my team had increased the conversion rate greatly but left to start ConversionIQ just before the conference. I went to the 1st Conversion Conference a couple of years ago and was happy to finally “find my community” as I felt “alone” as a CRO before then. This is the only show I will be speaking this year, as it is the one I feel I can best contribute to.

3) Have you been before? Who are you looking to network with most, and why? (Can mean some specific person/people or types – eg other speakers to learn, inhouse UX people for lead gen, etc).

Yes, I went to the 1st one in San Jose. I am looking to network with our vendors the most. We work really closely with them and want to build a more personal relationship for the long-term. I also want to meet Amy Africa who I met in 2004 and was the 1st person I’d ever met that was doing the same thing I was (I also want to thank her for the advice she gave me years later that lead to my co-founding ConversionIQ).

[Gab:] What did she tell you?
Keith: “Amy told me that consulting was a lot of work! She said it was rewarding, but it was not for faint of heart”.

4) What tips would you offer for people to get the most out of their networking, besides the standard ‘don’t start with self-promotion’?

You are asking the wrong guy. I’m just like people and enjoy learning from others across all fields. I’m lucky if I remember business cards and really hit the events for good conversation, not strategic biz stuff. Sorry.

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5) What’s a growing trend that you see in best practice web design [for conversion]? What are people getting right that they used to get wrong?

The trend I see is towards CRO, and away from the routine and costly redesign that adds more risk than the benefit is worth.

6) You published a newsletter with CRO secrets – how often do you mail people? Do you segment your list?

We email weekly tips, but no newsletter. We don’t segment it yet, as we try to keep it broad enough to be of value to everyone, although we do dig into B2B and eCommerce a bit.

7) How effective is your lead-gen to sales conversion funnel? What do CRO consultants say that’s persuasive to close leads?

We are awesome at conversion. We find it helps to be honest, and let the potential benefits (the #’s) speak for themselves.

You mention “CRO consultants”, which is interesting since we don’t have our CRO experts selling, we have salespeople doing that. If any CRO consultants would like to focus on CRO, they should let us know as our business system is geared to letting people focus on their core skills.

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Click here for a $100 discount on Conversion Conference. You’ll see the discount code listed in the upper right after the click.[/sidebar]

I can’t say exactly what gets the vast majority of prospects that talk to sales to convert other than the prospects understand the numbers and believe us due to our case studies. I think part of it is we are not “salesy” and probably come off as real. It could be they are mostly referrals or people we have met face to face.

Author: sroiadmin