Come To The Jerusalem IM Meetup

Author: Gab Goldenberg

The IM scene here in Israel is growing and is ripe for a monthly meetup for schmoozing and having fun with your peers. That was most evident this Sunday at SphinnCon, which was very well-attended and featured some pretty impressive presentations from the likes of Barry Schwartz of Rustybrick Web Dev and Adir Regev of Go Internet Marketing in particular.

Marc Levy of Matan Media suggested to me that an SEO meetup in Jerusalem would be great, and based on my experience with Montreal’s Yulbiz scene, I had to agree.

All that to say that I suggest:

Who: Everyone involved in internet marketing: bloggers, SEOs, PPC folks, email marketers, affiliates, social pros, developers, designers, etc
When: Next Wednesday, January 19th, starting at 7 and going til 10 pm
Where: Hamoshava 54 address: Shlomtzion Hamalka #5. (NOT the other location on Emek Refaim).

Leave a comment here if you’re interested and blog/tweet about it to pass the message on to others who may be interested. Thanks to @Menucha_Z for her help writing this. Likewise to all the awesome organizers who helped put together SphinnCon!

Author: sroiadmin