Plugin Update & New Functionality for Internal Link Building – v2.1

WordPress 3.3 created a bug with my SEO plugin, Internal Link Building, such that the credits line normally found at the end of a page would appear in the middle of the post editor. Plugin developer Aaron of has coded an update that squashes the bug. The newest version is called 2.1 (I know, I had called a previous version v3, but I made a mistake then).

The ability to block automated internal linking from happening on either pages or posts is also now included, following popular demand. It’s useful to prevent traffic leaking from your sales-oriented pages (e.g. a “Services” page on your SEO site) and thus increase conversions. To use this feature, simply go to the Settings page (labeled “Keywords”) and scroll past your list of keywords until you see this:

exclude pages from auto internal linkin

You can download it now – just get my latest posts by RSS or email and you’ll see the link in the posts’ footer (or next email you receive, if you subscribe by email).

If you prefer, you can tweet about the plugin using the following button to get a copy.
You are able to edit the tweet after clicking the button, or changing your mind and canceling.

For those not familiar, Internal Link Building allows you to Wikipedia-fy your internal linking.
– You can automatically link a keyword (or group of keywords) you’re trying to rank for to a certain page or post
– Works to link to pages/posts on your site or off it (useful for affiliate links)
– Whenever that keyword appears on your site.
– You can also choose how many times that keyword will link within a certain page, whether to use nofollow or not (ex.: for affiliate links) etc.
– Vary up anchor text by making it link with words before, in between or after your main keywords
– Bulk upload keywords and settings by CSV

Full details about how the plugin works on the main plugin page for Internal Link Building.

Author: sroiadmin