SEO Mythbusters: It’s Google vs Bing. SEO Truth: It’s Apple vs eBay vs Fiverr vs Google vs Bing vs…

Author: Gab Goldenberg

As I shared recently in my post dispelling the myth of 3 query types, Mahalo recently pivoted to sell its content in the form of iPhone/iPad apps. They’ve gone from SEO spammers to App Store quality producers.

Why does this matter?

It matters because it shows a TECTONIC shift in the search engine landscape. It’s not Google vs Bing. There’s a third player that Comscore et al are not measuring in their “search share” reports: Apple.

As Barry Schwartz prophetically presented in a Sphinncon/SMX Israel 2011 session, there is App Store SEO. And that means there is App Store Search.

Who does this affect?

iPhone Siddur by RustybrickFirst, it affects book publishers and information marketers of all stripes. As Barry showed with Rustybrick’s market-leading iPhone Siddur (Jewish prayer book), content consumption is shifting not just from print books to ebooks, but to digital formats more generally, including apps.

This is also emblematic of a situation that Google CEO Eric Schmidt acknowledged (albeit with some tongue-in-cheek) when he referred to Amazon and eBay as competitors because they aren’t just destinations, but also starting points for e-commerce search.

And it’s not just publishing – this phenomenon of niche search engine-driven markets is exploding across the web:

Etsy is a marketplace for handcrafted items like jewelry.

Fiverr is the world’s first marketplace for gigs in increments of $5. (I recently bought my Facebook landing page from them, but heard that the SEO services may as well be negative SEO services, from someone who bought a gig…)

AirBNB is a marketplace for spare rooms to rent worldwide.

Cafepress is a marketplace for private-branded “merch” aka all the souvenir junk you could want and then some (t-shirts, mugs, etc).

Soundclick is mostly a marketplace for instrumentals, in genres like hip-hop, salsa, cinema scores, etc.

You can find loads of other marketplaces like Sears’ marketplace, to niche sites specialized in antiques, collectibles, and guns.

Panda or Penguin got you down? Forget it – Google and Bing are only two of many.

What’s the next step?

1. Realize that e-commerce SEO is a non-profit activity and the implications of that.

2. Use email for retargeting. And use the link graph for retargeting.

3. Personalize SEO landing pages with BT Buckets, as shared in my interview with Phillip Klien.

4. Test out Amazon’s in-house ads.

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Author: sroiadmin