Advanced Link Building Idea: Should SEOs Automate Personalized Intro Emails To Check Webmaster Addresses?

Author: Gab Goldenberg

How do you avoid wasting time contacting webmasters whose email addresses are dead?

If you’re contacting dozens or hundreds of webmasters, depending on your team’s size, this could mean hours of wasted time.

How about registering a throwaway email address and sending an innocuous ‘heya’ to all your prospects (in BCC). Then filter out the bounces and ‘recipient domain rejected’ addresses?

You can do that, but it’s annoying to people when people send you to email spam. Especially to webmasters.

A more classy approach is to
-use Buzzstream or the like to auto grab their contact details,
-use a script to individually email each webmaster, auto-populating their first name (or last name or site address and name) in the subject line and greeting
-that email asks if they’re still updating the site and would like you to tell them about broken links you found. Don’t mention you want a link yet.

Love if someone can develop this tool…

Hat tip to SEOmoz’s dead link building guide for the idea on the ‘still updating’ time saver.

Author: sroiadmin