New, Free WordPress Plugin For Advanced SEO: Content Marketing Cannon

Content Marketing Cannon is a new WordPress plugin.
It consolidates many ordinary posts on topic X into THE Authority Article on X, increasing longtail traffic possibilities, PageRank per post, and link worthiness of your content.

Other benefits include easier browsing of archives (due to less pagination), time savings, and innumerable supermodels chasing after you.

To download this plugin, you can (i) “pay” with a tweet or Fb-share or (ii) download from within your RSS reader (or email) when you get my latest posts, free. (You need to wait for the weekly email to if you choose the email option.)

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CMC solves three problems: Pagination, PageRank Dilution, and Content Division

Blogs can only include so many posts on a category page before you need to paginate. And if you paginate, posts on page 2 etc won’t get as much link juice. Sure, you can set posts to appear that to 100 posts, but then the category page will take a while to load which isn’t ideal either.

I offered a few solutions to this problem in my advanced SEO book, one of which was:

Consolidate posts on a specific topic into a single authority article.

1) You get an in-depth authority article that is more likely to attract links than smaller bits of info.
2) The link juice from those articles consolidates onto 1 page, making it more competitive (e.g. use 301 permanent redirects).
3) There are more possible longtail combinations to hit.
4) You reduce the number of posts and thus have more PageRank flowing from the categories into posts. Also, you reduce the need for pagination.

An example scenario: Roof repair blog

In one post you talk about wooden roof frames rotting and in another about wooden roof frames warping shape and a few others on wooden frame issues.

You consolidate your wooden roof posts into the authoritative article on wooden roof damage. You 301 the sub-articles (e.g. the ordinary posts now part of the authority post), and remove the 301 posts from the homepage, category pages, tag pages, search pages, and sitemaps.

Thus your authority article has more PageRank than any of the sub-article ones did – and it stands a better chance to rank. Meanwhile, all the site’s remaining articles have a greater share of your PageRank, too.

Plus you now get longtail traffic you couldn’t get before because the two articles were on separate pages, like “wood roof rotting because frame warped.”

You can see a case study of the plugin at work from SEO consultant Kieran Flanagan’s SearchBrat blog. He beta tested the plugin. Here’s a screencap of what the results look like:

Content Marketing Cannon in use

The problem is this demands a fair bit of manual work…

Unless you automate it.

Oh, wait! That’s what Content Marketing Cannon does:

– Include any post in another with a simple shortcode that refers to the sub-article’s post ID: writing [ spid=123 ] in the article will include the post with ID #123. 123’s title will become an h2 in the authority article. (Don’t use spaces between the “[” and “]” .)

shortcodes in use in post editor

– Adds a column to the “edit all posts” page, which column displays posts’ IDs.
subarticle Post IDs
– Add a table of contents for the post Wikipedia style with another shortcode [ toc align=left ] or [ toc align=right ] (Don’t use spaces between the “[” and “]” .)

– Adds a box to the post editor page, below the main post area, which allows you to redirect the post to any article on your site. Delete the text and save again to undo. The plugin doesn’t assume you’ll redirect because sometimes, as on Wikipedia, content is included in more than one post. So you might want to use it differently.

– Removes redirected articles from the homepage, category archives, and sitemaps.

– Adds a sub-articles page to the WP Dashboard so you can find all redirected articles in one convenient spot.

– Adds a settings page for CMC where you can request tech support, new features, etc. There will be more settings added to it with planned features.

So how do you get the plugin?

Either pay with a tweet, Fb-share, or get my latest posts sent to your email or RSS reader.

FYI: You can edit the tweet/Fb share or cancel before it appears in Twitter/Fb.

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