The Biggest Broken Link Building Opportunity In A Decade

Author: Gab Goldenberg is dead. All the links going to it and its associated URLs are broken.

Follow the process of broken link building and you could find yourself with some massively juicy links.

Step 1: Find links to relevant pages on in your favorite link research tool.
Step 2: Publish a directory page with links to relevant sites/pages, in replacement of Google’s equivalent page. Try to see if what was on Google’s directory is still around.
Step 3: Solicit the webmasters linking to the dead pages.

The catch? Most of the pages with links have under 10 links … so you could do a fair amount of work for little reward. This is especially true when you consider the low response rates for manual outreach.

Of course, experienced link builders know that link building tactics don’t die, they just get recycled with new twists/modifications. This is a whitehat variant on cloning dead sites, a gray-hat tactic I spun off of a blackhat tactic, and shared a few years ago.

(I realize I’m a bit late finding out about the death of Google’s directory, but hey – when was the last time you visited a directory for purposes besides SEO?…)

How badly do you want quality links?

p.s. Google directory was a scrape of DMOZ… so you can also look at DMOZ”s links, and tell them how out-of-date, broken down etc the directory is and why not link to you instead?…

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Author: sroiadmin