Online Marketing Copy: Answer Questions Before They’re Asked (PICs)

Author: Gab Goldenberg

In my Friday Pics posts, I share examples of online marketing done well or poorly. This post is dedicated to pre-empting questions with your benefits copy.

Answer questions before they’re asked:

Tesco pre-empts objections with its’ benefits bullet points.

Can you guarantee I’ll have good uptime? Can I keep my number? Will the phone be insured?

Yes, yes and yes – it says it right there in the blue bullets.

tesco answer qs asks you for your birthday – an uncommon field to have in a form – and answers the question before people can ask it. Why do you want to know about my birthday?
Piczzle answers qs
To surprise you … OK, I guess you’ll probably send me a birthday email, that’s cool.

Of course, they intelligently make it an optional field, if people are still reluctant to fill it in.

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