How To Create AdWords Email Alerts For Emergencies Like Big Traffic Drops

Author: Gab Goldenberg

When Traffix Systems launched their new site, their AdWords ads got disapproved en masse, and so traffic tanked. Why should that happen, considering we (the team at illuminea and I) set up redirects properly?

A: Because redirected URLs don’t redirect properly when they’ve got parameters appended. Why not? They don’t redirect because appending parameters technically creates a new URL, even if the same content is served.


1. Login to AdWords.
2. Click a campaign name.
3. Click the silver-color Alerts button, then Create Custom Alert.

Create Custom Alerts in Google AdWords

4. Set the drop-downs to email you if traffic or other metrics drop 50%+.

In the example below, the selection is for Every keyword in this campaign, but you might prefer to use Campaign total.

Google AdWords Custom Alert If Traffic Drops 50% Or More

Voila – we’re done. Now rinse & repeat for your other campaigns – it’s not automatically going to apply to all your other campaigns.

Author: sroiadmin