A Better Way To Find Hubs

As you know, hubs are a great source of editorial links, i.e. they carry a lot of trusts. Once you’ve found a type of hub with a hub finder though, do you need to keep wading through its results like a ridiculous automaton?

No, you don’t. Once you found a real hub, you have the answer to the first 3 key link questions: who, who and why.

Instead of continuing through the list of hubs searching for more reasons, maximize your use of that first answer.

For example, suppose you’re promoting a soccer coach’s site, and you find that soccer leagues are a hub, directing team managers to potential coaches. Don’t keep going through the list!

Search for more soccer leagues in the area. Use a site: search to find if they list coaches. Prioritize who you contact by whichever leagues already link to other coaches (or do the reverse for virgin ground free of other people’s links). Voila!

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Author: sroiadmin