5 Reasons To Love SEO ROI Services

Author: Gab Goldenberg

For those of you who don’t know, my name’s Gab Goldenberg and I run SEO ROI Services. There are a few practices that I’d like to share, which give me both pleasure and pride in running this business.

1) Donating 10% of profits to charity. While occasionally I have forgotten and missed a payment, by and large, my track record is good in this regard.

Some charities I give to serve the needs of:

2) Fair payment. I pay people I work with – regardless of their location around the world, in Europe, the Philippines or here in Canada – fair wages. I also seek to recognize them for taking the initiative and also for being exceptionally reliable.

Some things I’ve done in this respect include sending [unsolicited] chocolates, and other times cash bonuses.

My experience with this has been that people appreciate you making the effort to think of them and it’s a positive cycle – you do extra for them, they do more for you. It also reduces turnover, which is a big time saver.

3) Overdelivering. I admit that in the past, I sometimes met deliverables late or exactly in quantity, the past few months have seen a big improvement.

These past few months, on link building deliverables, SEO ROI Services exceeded requirements by numbers varying between 15% and 60%! And on time as well as commitments for redesign and other projects, I’ve bitten the bullet when things took longer or cost more than anticipated. It’s my quote, and I’ll stick by it.

4) Our online reporting makes life hassle-free for everyone – clients, myself and my team.

Before, updates on link building projects were handled by email. Wanted to know where we’re at on deliverables? You’d email me.

What did I do next?

Email the bloggers or blog editors I work with.

– “How’re we doing?” I’d ask.

– “The editor’s been on a Caribbean cruise for a month,” my blogger would casually respond. “We’re waiting for his return to get the posts published.”

– “But I’m shvitzing this deadline and we still need 7 links to make quota,” I’d cry girlishly, paling light-green. “What’s he think he’s doing in the Caribbean??”

– “Continuing Castro’s Bolshevik revolution? [Vacation, duh, you idiot.]” came the languid reply.

– “Since when is he allowed on vacation?” I’d silently sigh to myself.

Next, I’d unceremoniously inform the client that a tornado had tragically killed half our staff and made the rest homeless. Obviously, we’d need more time…

Nowadays, we handle it with BasecampHQ. Bloggers post the URLs as they go live. Clients and I can log in to track progress any day, any time.

Around mid-month I can see where we’re at and make adjustments if we need to do more.

(I’ve also solved the problem of bloggers/editors going MIA by aiming to have more bloggers and blogs than strictly necessary to meet deliverables. Worst case, we meet exactly our promise. Best case we overdeliver. Hence #3 above.)

5) Because I love you guys too! Look at all the posts in my blogroll category and how much I link out :).

Heck, I’m going to make this a meme. Those tagged have to write their own version with 5 reasons to love their company and pass it on!

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