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Facebook Nude Pics

My friend Alain McKenna recently published a poll I ran about people 18-24 having their picture taken in the nude. I wanted to give him the scoop, and now that he’s gotten it (it was even cited today on the radio – 94.3 FM Radio Energie) as I was waking up!) I’m republishing it in English (his post is in French).

About 30% of respondents said that yes, they had been photographed or filmed naked.

But before getting into it, as Alain points out, the poll is by no means scientific and should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, the 500 respondents are a large enough mass of people so that the results of the poll aren’t meaningless. So at the very least, this should be an interesting indication of what’s going on with my generation of Facebook members.

Facebook Poll: Have you ever been photographed or filmed in the nude? Asked of 498 respondents ages 18-24, 30% said yes, they had been photographed nude.

There are 3.26 million Canadians ages 18-24 on Facebook, per the Facebook ad manager application. If we generalize the results of the poll to that group of people, then 1.1 million Canadians 18-24 might plausibly have been photographed or filmed in the buff!

Responses to the Facebook Poll broken down by age and gender demographics.

Consider that when these people break up with their boyfriends/girlfriends, some of their formerly-significant others will be upset enough to make public their private part pics. And if said exes are nasty enough, they might include their former boyfriend/girlfriend’s name with the photos, with the result that they’ll show up in Google.

That’s a huuuuuuge amount of potential rep’ management work!

When you’re 18-24, you’re applying for CEGEP, college, university, jobs, loans and all sorts of other situations where people will try and judge you. Do you really want all those people to see you in the nude?

For those of you who might have to take action, here’s a quick list of photo-oriented forums and sites that can help you out not just in dominating your regular search results but also the image search results. Presumably Tubemogul might be helpful for protecting yourself re: video search, too.

ESPN.com (those of you following Viagra SERPs will know this already, of course)
SEO moz.org



google.com/search?q=inurl:forum intitle:photography | photo | image | file sharing | images etc.

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