2 Facebook Ad Creation Programs For SMBs – Replacement for FB Ad Manager

Author: Gab Goldenberg

The Problem With Facebook Ads

People buying Facebook ads have been getting progressively more sophisticated and large-scale. The problem with scaling is that the web interface is clunky and that the Bulk Uploader is only available for high rollers spending $1000/day + on Facebook ads.

A few years ago, the solution for automated ad creation was the “FB Ad Manager”. It wasn’t based on the Facebook Ads API but was rather a Firefox extension like SafeWallet (password manager for iPhone, BB, etc). FB Ad Manager was a great product for the time savings, and well worth the $200 it cost. But recently Facebook served the owner with a cease-and-desist letter, and now it has stopped working and I went off in search of a replacement.

After numerous fruitless searches on Google, I finally got to the Facebook Ads API (Facebook’s officially approved way of mass-creating ads) and found out that they have a list of approved developers.

Facebook Ad Creation and Campaign Management Software – for Small Business

The large majority are enterprise-only, tell-us-what-you-spend-and-we’ll-quote-you-a-license type companies. But thankfully, there are two companies in the group that have a price point accessible to SMBs.

Dryleaf Social
  • One is Qwaya, which offers a free plan for creating up to 50 ads a day, a starter plan from $79 and going up.

Qwaya is like FB Ad Manager in that it provides mass ad creation functionality. I’m trying it out now. They’ve created a lot of new functionality and rebranded since I wrote this 2 years ago. I don’t know what the current status is – 28/3/2012.

You can create your own account by simply logging in with your Facebook account and authorizing the Facebook app.

SAM is a more full-featured tool in that it also handles conversion tracking, reporting, and optimization functionality. To be honest, the description looked pretty enticing and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

I’ve asked for an account as I couldn’t make an account myself via the site.

If you know any other such software or have experience with either one, please leave a comment!

p.s. For those of you who are curious about what my link is to Facebook ads, I’ve been doing local lead generation. It’s been rewarding so far. For instance, in two days we generated 9 leads for a $500 dental service. The first lead was from their agency’s landing page, and the remaining 8 leads were from the landing page edited per my conversion rate guidance.
(I’m happy I outperformed the baseline that much but annoyed I had to edit their template rather than making my own landing page from scratch, which limited what I could do). Both landers saw a couple of hundred visitors.

If you’re interested in Facebook lead gen or in CRO consulting, contact me or buy a consultation.

Author: sroiadmin