What Has Changed In SEO In 2009 So Far?

There have been lots of innovations in technology, in the algorithms, in products and search engines (hi Bing!). I’m curious to know what you feel has had the greatest impact on SEO. Feel free to name multiple things, and share practical tips!

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  1. Hi Gab My two things (so far this year) are: 1) The way Google is changing the anatomy of their search results to accomodate anchors ("#"'s) and RDFA / Hcard microformats. That's a great move for conversion and CTR in the organic serps 2) The metrics we have at our disposal to describe the value of a link. I'm a hardcore linkscape fan - it's made a lot of difference to my bottom line... Hope that's useful!

    Comment by richardbaxterseo - September 27, 2009 @ 10:55am

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