Is A Landing Page Necessary For A Cheap Product?

In PPC Blog’s PPC Community, a thread came up asking whether a landing page is needed for cheap products.

I won’t copy the answers to the question, but here’s what the original poster (OP) had in mind with his question.

“I have an e-commerce site with product x. So, for example, the keywords are product Xes. I have over 1200 for them to choose so I just send them right to my page with all the Xes. I know that you should direct them to a landing page, but what do I target? What do I put on that page, that isn’t on the cart page?

“There aren’t many related keywords that I can segment other than more descriptive terms like side Xes, synonym-of-Xes, etc. But they are just other terms that people reference for the same product. [Emphasis mine] I have created different ad groups for these related terms. But I don’t have different landing pages for them.

“I am just not sure what I should use the landing page for, rather than take them right to the products.

“Any suggestions? Has someone sold a low dollar item like this $20 and under using landing pages between the cart page? ”

In fact, the question assumes a solution and a frame of reference. Here’s what I wrote:

It sounds to me like your key problem is not whether or not to have a “landing page” – but what to put on it. [Edit: I now notice that the OP actually did say that, it’s just that his thread title asked whether a landing page was necessary.]

Yes, you need to have a landing page because they’ve gotta land somewhere – you can’t have a plane just go on flying forever!

Why not run some exit surveys on generic keyword visitors who bounce, asking them to describe visually the kind of license plates they were looking for? For instance, you may find that ‘generic modifier Xes’ are queried by women looking for generically modified Xes.

Buy comes before sell

You need to find out what the market wants and find out or guesstimate the personas that market consists of.

Once you have that answer, you can create better-merchandised pages.

Great question!

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