iPhone Appstore and Google Android Ranking Factors

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Continuing the SphinnCon dead blogging, here are the notes I took on Barry Schwartz’s excellent and fascinating preso on mobile and on ranking factors in the Apple Appstore and Google Android app market. (Barry Schwartz’s RustyBrick developed the popular iPhone Siddur and offer iPhone Development and mobile web dev.)

What apps does Apple like to promote and drive traffic to its mobile store?

– Look at their suggestion dropdowns.
– Check out the top apps in the store.
– Mobile apps that appear on app review sites
– Apps that get shared a lot.
– Apps that update often.

Some related tips
– Offer free review copies.
– Ask for reviews
– Keyword stuffing still matters … consider also piggybacking off the brand names of popular apps
– Cross-promote between apps
– There are directories for mobile apps – they are worth submitting

On the Android Market:
– It’s got lots of junk, spam, etc
– People aren’t interested in buying in anywhere near the proportions they are interested in the Apple App Store
– Update your app a lot to appear in the ‘This Just In” new apps section

Barry gave a remarkable preso with a lot more detail, but unfortunately, he went through it very quickly and so note-taking was remarkably difficult. You can email him and try asking for a copy of the slides.

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