Site Buying Consulting

Site buying lets you speed up the SEO process by acquiring the trust and rankings search engines give a pre-existing site.

The trick with site buying is to find a quality site for a reasonable price. That’s why the site buying consulting services I offer are: research, appraisal, and negotiation.

  • Researching: I either find sites based on SEO metrics or I measure a site you’ve already found according to those metrics.
  • Appraising the site: My site appraisals focus on SEO, traffic, revenue, branding and site-particular factors such as software, relationships the owner has with others in the community, etc. The appraisal report offers a range of values for the site and the reasoning behind the values. For interested buyers, I can also appraise the revenue potential to the purchaser and/or possible end-user value (end users are the final purchasers after middlemen).
  • Negotiating purchase of the site: Many people are ignorant of what metrics matter when you buy a site. I combine business and technical metrics while setting aside the nonsense.

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Author: sroiadmin