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I offer personalized SEO consultations to businessmen who want more traffic from Google and others. The last 1 hour and the price is $200.

For that, you get to tap into my experience consulting for the likes of the Government of Canada and, and speaking at conferences like Search Marketing Expo Advanced.

For ongoing engagements where I also implement my advice, see my SEO services page.

When you’re ready to buy, click Add to Cart. The button will take you to Paypal. For more than an hour of consulting, to ask questions, or to send me info before getting a consultation, use the contact form below.

What’s on this page:

A Service For Businessmen Promoting Their Own Sites

This service is geared towards business owners, regardless of whether they’re SEO newbies or experts.

In particular, entrepreneurs with the following types of sites can really benefit e-commerce, affiliate marketing, ad-supported publishing, and professional services.

Business owners with annual revenue above $300,000 should consider my other SEO Services, such as link building.

Take No Risk With My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Secure Payment Processing

  1. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back– period. There are no conditions or legalese.
  2. I use Paypal to take payments. It uses the best web security around, including SSL technology and 128-bit encryption.

Paypal can take payment from credit cards or Paypal accounts. No account is needed, though.

George Loved My Personalized Service

“Yes! I’d be willing to be a reference for you anytime!

You asked in the other email what I thought about your service and for me it
has been great! There were things that I didn’t think about before, things
that I have had in mind doing and you helped me to sort out things and get a

“It’s great to have someone to get some real help from and not have to sift
through tons of sites to get some original insights and help so it was well worth $200.
I’d recommend you to anyone!”


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