If You Listened When Google Announced Submarine Crawling…

Then you’re way ahead of the curve and understand what Matt Cutts is talking about, late in this video, on getting crawled and indexed more rapidly and deeply. If not, it’s time to understand search like Matt Cutts and read up on submarine crawling. This also goes back to what I was writing about thinking like search engineers and what Google wants. These are not merely abstract ideas, despite appearances. Grasping these notions puts you a step higher on the ladder, closer to “SEO Director” and further from “SEO data entry monkey,” because you can solve problems rather than merely execute other people’s solutions.

On a related note, my Tuesday class in Statutory Interpretation with Prof Klinck lead to an interesting observation on critical thinking. My prof pointed out the assumption underlying a provision of some labor law. I asked how he’d gone about identifying the assumption because I would not have been able to.

His answer was as follows. To identify an argument’s assumption, try asking what is the stereotypical situation it has in mind. What is the paradigmatic example?

Then, alter one fact at a time. Will the situation still fit the paradigmatic situation? In marketing terms, a/b test each variable in the situation and see if you still get a paradigmatic situation or arrive at the same conclusions. By taking a concrete example, you can deconstruct what is necessary for it to fit the paradigm.

There are infinite ways to apply critical thinking like this, and search marketing in particular is rife with examples. Commenting on a blog post, improving existing techniques or practices, assessing whether or not to use a promotional method for a given client…

The possibilities are endless. I’d love to hear what situations this critical thinking could help you with!

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Author: sroiadmin