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Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, August 5, 2007

Request a quote for SEO services now! The form is currently being redesigned to make it easier to use and generate more leads, but you can use Outlook or your own email service to write and request a quote in the meantime. You can expect a response within one business day. If you came here straight from a search engine and haven’t seen the rest of the site, here’s a quick summary.

SEO ROI provides search engine optimization consulting services. SEO ROI’s consulting is different because it integrates non-SEO techniques such as sales copy and page design into the campaign. The result is that you don’t just get rankings or traffic. You get sales. A return on investment – ROI. SEO without ROI is money wasted. SEO ROI – Because leaders demand results.

Prices start at either $500/month, $2000/project, or $97/hour.