Would You Attend a Greyhat SEO Panel?

Author: Gab Goldenberg

I’d love to hear your thoughts and I’ll bet that conference organizers would too. So go share your thoughts at Sphinn (and feel free to sphinn the discussion ;) ) on whether you’d attend a grey hat SEO panel at SMX/SES/Sphinncon/Pubcon/SEM Canada etc.

Rishi Lakhani, in particular, had a great suggestion in the comments, which were quite entertaining on the whole. Dofollow link for his Treatment Search site.

On a related note, Andy Murdoch had a great suggestion on fighting Sphinn spam. Dofollow link for Andy’s forum moderation services. Do weight in there too.

Finally, Sphinn’s reaction to that thread (or perhaps they were planning this independently) was this idea to fight spam, which I’m staunchly opposed to. Please tell the mods that you dislike the idea!

p.s. I’ll have the legal series up later this week.

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Author: sroiadmin