Apologies to Rich Schefren & Andy Beard

Author: Gab Goldenberg

A while ago, I wrote a post whereby I thought that Rich Schefren’s customers were spamming Sphinn. Unfortunately, as shown to me recently by Andy Beard, I screwed that one up pretty badly and need to apologize to Rich for sullying his name unfairly, when the reality is that I didn’t research things as thoroughly as I should have.

What happened was that late one night, I was browsing Sphinn and saw a half dozen items from Rich’s Strategic profits’ site. Since the URLs were not particularly descriptive, it looked to me like his members were just submitting profiles in an attempt to cheaply gain dofollow backlinks. Hence the erroneous accusation of spam.

As it turns out, Rich was holding a contest to see who could produce the best video, and he had talked up Sphinn to his members. The videos were on the topic of internet marketing and therefore fit Sphinn. They were not spamming, and I apologize for messing that up. One of them was even kinda funny, although on the whole, they’re not particularly insightful.

Author: sroiadmin