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Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, October 17, 2007

Pay per click management is an essential service in today’s competitive world of Search Engine Marketing, and no one does it better than SEO ROI. SEO ROI understands that effective PPC advertising management needs to mesh with the broader marketing plan and thus requires an integrative approach.

A successful advertising campaign will consider such elements as brand positioning, web design and layout, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Working with SEO ROI gains you instant expertise in integrating the “promotion” in your marketing mix with the “product, place and price.”

Keyword Management and List Growth: Case Study

Managing an affiliate’s pay per click advertising in an arts and crafts niche was going to be challenging. The sector had gone massively online several years ago and the PPC market was saturated. The high volume keywords on each of the search engines were being bid on by at least a half dozen advertisers and the cost per click of these keywords on Google had reached 60 cents to a dollar.

Compounding the difficulty was the fact that competing advertisers had revenue models that generated repeat purchases and larger order sizes than the affiliates. That meant that their max CPC bids could be higher than the affiliate’s bids could afford to be. His revenue model was limited to a single product that earned him a lower commission-per-sale than what the competing merchants were making. Clearly the pay per click campaign would have to be managed within the constraints set by the product and its price.

Finding the mainstream keywords out of reach and being barred by the terms of the affiliate agreement from bidding on brand keywords, the campaign would have to mine the low volume keywords. The difficulty faced by most pay per click advertising managers is that the official long tail is out there for everyone to see in OvertureWord Tracker, the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, etc. In practice, this means that these keywords are also bid on by competing for pay per click teams. Having realized this, I (find out who I am here – opens in a new window) decided that it was time to get creative.

As mentioned above, the arts and crafts subindustry the affiliate was in had already been online for a few years. But this wasn’t only true of the merchants, it was true of the community who bought their products. By spending time in community forums and bulletin boards, I discovered dozens of keywords that were either being ignored entirely or else just bid on by one or two advertisers. This online “place” was practically deserted were competing for PPC advertising was concerned – it was a fresh place to gain distribution and gain the first-mover advantage.

These keywords became the basis for the affiliate’s campaign – at an average cost per click of 26 cents when the experienced merchants were paying 60 cents to a dollar! The pay per click management converted cheap clicks on his ads into sales and needless to say, he was quite happy.

(Note: The search engines and/or competitive intelligence services eventually shared these keywords with others, making the auction more expensive and more challenging. We have since adopted new campaign management practices for hiding the keywords that we are bidding on from competitors.)

Request a proposal for pay per click management today; get the best ROI on your PPC tomorrow.


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