International Content Network Ads – Deadblogging SphinnCon 3

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Continuing my SphinnCon PPC coverage…

Naomi Sela – Compucall

She blitzed through the early part of her preso on the differences between CPC and CPM bids. One point I caught was that CPC was for ROI driven campaigns and CPM was for brand-driven campaigns. [I find it sad that we still talk about advertising as an expense where we don’t care if it makes sales – even brand campaigns should be generating an ROI, even if it’s only an early-stage lead.]

Optimization tips:

– Build and use predefined lists of sites per vertical. If you run an automotive campaign, keep the list of sites that were profitable for the next automotive campaign. Verticals are broadly defined here. EG Economics for adults and sports for kids or social.

– Exclude both sites and categories.

– Exclude demographics (eg credit card required, exclude 18- )

– Bid more for specific ages/genders

– Optimize banners – within the same sizes, use different creatives, rotate them. (True also of Facebook creatives – there’s a diminishing return as people get accustomed to a particular creative and ignore it more and more.)

– Target placements and keywords together to get very targeted and/or reach demographics.

– She targets English/Arabic/Russian (I love the chutzpah)

– Use the new option to exclude below the fold impressions, especially for CPM targeting. (Me: Probably also for CPC since these unseen impressions will lower your CTR.)

– Retargeting – soon to come to G’s content network

– 80% of web is reached by G’s content network, so this should be effective at retargeting.

– My idea: Retarget those who got to the cart but quit, and do the retargeting after optimizing the cart for conversion/usability

– Another similar idea: Fix message match between ads and landing pages and then retarget. So many campaigns are launched anxiously with basic mistakes like this one – get this fixed, then retarget!

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