Whitepapers Are So ’07: MyVenturePad Gives Away Meatball Sundaes!

Think you’re going to linkbait people with whitepapers? Maybe get their email or have them register for your webinar? MyVenturePad is bringing the stakes of the game one step higher: They’re giving away Meatball Sundaes! What is a Meatball Sundae?Gab with a Meatball Sundae Book Meatball Sundae is Seth Godin‘s new book. I registered for a webinar given by My Venture Pad(.com) and just got a thankyou present from them: a copy of Meatball Sundae. Brilliant marketing, folks!

(Picture courtesy of … no, not Tamar this time. I took that :).

So what is MyVenturePad?

They’re a business community a la Liblogs (run by my friend and all-around cool-guy, Jason Cherniak), for those of you familiar with Canadian politics. That is, the main community element is a blog reader/moblog consisting of feeds fed into the system by the community’s businesses and/or participating bloggers. Here’s how MyVenturePad describes itself:

“This is a moderated online business community for owners and managers of companies with fewer than 500 employees, and the professionals who advise them. Before you can use most of the community features of the site, you will need to sign up (Upper Right Corner).Meatball Sundae is a gift courtesy of SAP and My Venture Pad

As a registered member, you can create your own profile and view the profiles of others. You can leave comments, rate posts, and directly connect with other members. You can add your existing blog feed to the content flow or blog here ”

Seems to me linkbait in 08 is going to mean free giveaways…

Other related notes: I recently bought “Pourquoi Bloguer dans un Contexte D’Affaire,” or 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog for those of you who only speak English. While I think Seth makes a good argument in Meatball Sundae – Web 2.0 is not the silver bullet – Why Business Should Blog features a pretty good argument for the use of blogs, at least. Speaking personally, I know that blogging has helped me get more business, so there’s certainly some potency there.

10 Reasons to Blog in a Business Context features the writing of 10 well known Quebec business bloggers, including a few I’m proud to claim as friends or at least friendly acquaintances. Four of them wrote me dedications on the inside cover (ironically, I didn’t know those guys yet from any prior Yulbizes, though I had met – not quite the same as knowing – Martin Lessard at an earlier one).

Here I am in my room with my copy of Pourquoi Blogger Dans Un Contexte D'Affaires.

The shirt is from Africa Is Real’s One Voice Concert to raise money for the fight against genocide (esp. in Darfur), poverty, and AIDs. The dog tag is from Hillel, inscribed with the names of the three Israeli soldiers kidnapped by terrorists last summer.

The dedicators are Tristan PeloquinClaude MalaisonMario Asselin and Martin Lessard. The other authors are, in no particular order, Sylvain CarleMichel LeblancPhilippe MartinMartin OuelletteMarc Snyder, and Marie-Chantal Turgeon. I now know all of them except for Martin Ouellette (whose chapter on blogging as a tool for provocation – in the sense of making people think, not provoking a flame war – is quite good) and Marie-Chantal Turgeon. Each of the 10 have an impressive blog and if you can read French, then these are people worth bookmarking at least, and probably RSSing too.

While some of the information in the book on SEO is of debatable accuracy (like links being “votes,” as per Martin Lessard’s otherwise highly intelligent chapter, which I credit along with Shana’s Social Desire for explaining why commenting is worth it and thus making me comment more) , much of it is highly educational and informative. Just like two of the book’s 10 reasons, namely Mario’s “blog to teach” and Tristan’s “blog to inform.” I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but I am enjoying it thoroughly and can assure you that Claude, besides writing a chapter, did a damn good job with the editing.

But I digress Thanks again to MyVenturePad for giving me Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae as food for thought! This is how you do proactive search engine reputation management.

On a related note, I vote for Gyutae and Winning the Web, in his friendly challenge to Tyler Cruz. He’s ahead of us all and already on the giveaways trend, and after giving away a review by John Chow, he’s now offering free t-shirts for people to vote for his blog. Smart guy, that Gyutae! Did I mention he comments on this blog and has real ice cream under his Sundae’s toppings?)

Author: sroiadmin