550 Subscribers, Newspaper Article and other Milestones

Things have been absolutely incredible here lately, as I’ve achieved a variety of milestones.

1. Matt Cutts complimented me and SEOROI.com by recognizing that I was one of the first two people (with Mike VanDeMar of the Smackdown blog) to notice Google indexing site searches.

Besides the lovely link that came along with that recognition, the compliment for SEOROI.com is to be called “high quality” by Google’s chief search engineer, and then again on the Google Webmaster Central official announcement. That is, Google is now performing site searches on those sites it considers to be of “high quality,” in order to try and discover “deep” web content. And SEOROI.com is getting that “deep indexing” treatment! (My friend Brian Chappell’s SEO blog is also getting this treatment.)

2. I’ve recently crossed the threshold of 550 subscribers. It’s kind of shocking to me personally, as I just recently told Susan Gunelius that my goal for the end of May was to cross the 600 subscriber threshold. It now looks like that could be attained within a week!

3. Alain McKenna wrote an article for Montreal’s main French newspaper, La Presse, on young tech entrepreneurs profiling yours truly! Emile Girard, who founded the Fanatique.ca Sports site is the other young tech entrepreneur featured. It also mentions Danny Sullivan (for giving me my shot at SMX West) and Rand Fishkin too (for teaching me so much about search!). You can click the reduced-size picture below to see a full-size version.

Entrepeneurs Sur les bancs d'ecole - Entrepreneurs in School featuring Gab Goldenberg

I’d like to highlight that Alain is blogging at Quebec Tech (and Technomade), which he describes as a Francophone version of Montreal Tech Watch. For your mobile afficionados, Alain shares that Montreal’s hockey team is coming to a cellphone near you. Unfortunately, it seems I missed the first Montreal Mobile Monday, but I’m sure more will be forthcoming.

And of particular concern to all of us techies, is this post and video highlighting how Rogers, Bell and Videotron are already making the Net less neutral! Scary stuff, and Alain highlights the interesting tie-in with P2P sharing networks. In effect, access to BitTorrent is being slowed/blocked by the big guys. CBC released their who have a double interest in avoiding the distribution of CBC’s footage on the topic ! First because of their ties to the music industry, and second because they own competing properties. You’d think that internet access providers would have the brains to join the conversation rather than try to stifle it…

4. In the same sense, I’ve had the delightful pleasure to get linked to from SEO-News.de, which is apparently a huge search marketing news site in Germany. Similarly the German Internet Marketing News. And Suchmaschinen Tricks followed in kind as well.

While I’m linking out to friendly sources of traffic, I’d like to highlight Noonan’s post about Youtube. There’s also this fascinating story about Agoraphobia from Todd Mintz. And naturally, I’m grateful to both Todd and Mike for highlighting our interview :). Incidentally, I highly recommend Todd’s “Don’t”s and “Do”s for attending conferences – they were definitely in my mind at SMX.

5. Susan and I are doing a series of interviews at About.com, and my friend Gyutae of Winning the Web has asked me to do one for his site soon too. Incidentally, if you’re one of the people who got a link in the first interview, or get one in one of the follow-ups, why don’t you link back and send Susan some traffic? Besides the fact that promoting your publicity is always a great idea (as 10e20 shows), you’re strengthening your own backlinks by doing that.

6. I keep on meeting awesome people at Yulbiz and around different networking and business get-togethers, and even in the street, to the point where I can’t just organize my contacts’ business cards in a box anymore! At the most recent Yulbiz, I got to meet Eric Baillargeon of Pole Position Web Marketing (who ironically doesn’t have his domain on his business card … emphasis on web marketing I guess 😉 hehe). He’s got some interesting Facebook stats up.

I also met Renee Wathelet of En Direct Des Iles, Yannick Manuri of Espresso Interactif Consulting, Emmanuel Cesario (no site yet), and the very fine, friendly folks of Acquisio (PPC Software). Namely Marc, whose video with Rand I interrupted by accident, and Naoise.

7. I’ve been accepted to speak at SEM Canada. You can hear me on the link building panel. More importantly, there’s going to be a gaggle of brilliant people speaking there, not least of which will be Richard Zwicky of Enquisite Search AnalyticsBill Slawski of Key Relevance and SEO by the Sea, Jane Copland of SEOmoz, fellow Youmozzers Pat “Feed the Bot” Sexton and Melanie “Crash” Nathan (of SEOish and STATUSfirm respectively), and of course Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim!

8. My friend Hjortur twittered Guy Kawasaki and suggested he add me to Guy’s top blog aggregator site, All Top. Guy’s response? “Done. Great suggestion. Thanks!” (Speaking of which, Guy, you’re missing Slightly Shady SEOSEO Smarty, and many others.)

The fact of being on All Top itself isn’t really a big deal – if you care about an industry, you’re probably already reading all the blogs listed there already, so that mentions there will just expose you to people outside the industry if at all (current referrer stats from AllTop: a whopping 3 visitors!) – but compliments from a famous entrepreneur like Guy Kawasaki always feel good :D!

Ironically, he wrote me a pretty angry email the time I tried asking for his business advice because I said that I was concerned he’d share it with others and then someone else would execute before me. I’m reading Guy’s the Art of the Start now (pretty good!) and finally understood why – Guy’s got a pet peeve about people asking for NDAs and such like. Guess he forgot about it since then!

So with all these great folks vouching for me and SEO ROI, perhaps you might care to subscribe to my RSS feed?

Author: sroiadmin