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Sitepoint author Brendon Sinclair is best-known for his Web Design Business Kit (the first edition sold out and a new, revised edition has just been released). I wrote Sitepoint’s resident business whiz earlier this month and he’s kindly agreed to be interviewed for SEO ROI and its’ readers benefit. In order to maximize the benefit to both you, myself and Brendon, I’ve decided to turn the interview into a contest where you submit the questions you’d like Brendon to answer. Here’s how the Brendon Sinclair Interview Contest works:

Post your question in the comments below.

Tell your friends and people on your blogroll about it.

Other people who comment and like your question can say so, and these will count as votes towards getting your questions asked.

Each post on a blog or other site that wants your question asked will also count as a vote towards having your question asked to Brendon. You get an extra vote if you also link to my homepage and/or my SEO Consulting Services page.

Furthermore, if the people on your blogroll also submit questions, each vote they garner also counts as a vote for you. Just have them mention in their comment that they’re on your roll or if they blog about it, have them include a link to your post (or you can link to theirs from your post).

The questions with the greatest amount of votes (plus some of my own choosing and/or design) will be selected for the interview. More questions will be selected depending on the number of submissions.

As an added incentive, I’m offering $50 and $100 AdWords coupons for the top 3 or four vote-getters. You won’t get rich (or you might if you use those coupon credits wisely), but if you planned on participating it’s a nice motivation to get your friends talking about the contest and your question. (Note: This assumes a minimum participation rate of 20 entries submitted. I reserve the right not to pay these bonuses if there are only a few entries.)

The deadline for entry is October 7, 2007, at 7 P.M. eastern time (what we use here in Montreal).

If I’ve missed anything or you have a question, please leave a comment below.

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Author: sroiadmin