Click Audit Was Parked – I Lost My Subscriber Stats!

Author: Gab Goldenberg

My reaction was a loud WTF when I tried logging in to check my click stats. Click Audit, the link/click tracking tool I was using until very recently to track subscriber count to SEO ROI has just been turned into a parked domain! In other words, it just features a bunch of useless ads. It may be a temporary thing because the site likely didn’t make the owner(s) much money, but I’m not waiting around to find out. (Updates below; I found another click counter, and Click Audit is back online.) (Click Audit) parked page with PPC ads

I’m not going to cave in and go to Feedburner. Or annoy you guys with ads from Pheedo. What I will do is set up my own click tracking script on my server and just run things that way. Did anyone get a favorite free click tracking script that’s easy to install and easy to use? I’d like it to have a similar interface to Click Audit, preferably, if you know what that was like. Helpful suggestions for alternative scripts to track subscribers within the comments will be rewarded with dofollow links in updates to this post.

Oh, FYI: I had 1300+ subscribers (or clicks on subscription links, which is how I was counting subscribership) as of yesterday. Feel free to subscribe (and let me know that you did in the comments since I have no way of knowing now that Click Audit is gone…

The lesson to the wise: Be as independent of third-party services as possible.

UPDATE: John of Z Scale Model Train Layouts (who sell PSW concrete abutment sets and a Blasted Rock abutment set) shared a free script that’s very easy to install and use.

There’s almost all the functionality of Click Audit (there are no groups and no PPC cost measuring) and most importantly, you can install it on your own server! So I’m now using PHP Junkyard’s Free PHP Click Counter.

Update 2: In a further helpful comment, John highlights some problems with the database being text-based, such as it not being able to handle very high volume. Also, Click Audit appears to be back up for the moment. I’m sticking with the script for now. Also, for future reference, here’s a screenshot of where my sub stats stood as of May 12th, per Click Audit.

My understanding of total clicks is that it comprises those clicks coming from the same Ip within a given period of time (like 24 hours). So someone whose feedreader was slow to grab the click and turn it into a readable subscription might click a second time, for instance. That’s why I refer to the unique clicks count as my subs.

—> I am currently using a hacked version of Erwin Bovendeur’s Click tracking script. It didn’t work out of the box, though, FYI, so I needed a developer to fix it up for me.

RSS Subscriber Stats ClickAudit

Update 3: Click Audit is back online. I’m still using the self-hosted script for my new posts etc.

Author: sroiadmin