83% of Facebook Users 18 – 24 Unaware Facebook Blog Exists – Poll

I ran a poll on Facebook targeting Facebook users 18-24 to find out whether they were aware of the existence of the Facebook Blog. 83% of them were not. This was following up on what Jane wrote at SEOmoz, regarding how she would make the Facebook blog more visible and certain other changes she’d make. After the jump, the precise details of the poll data.

The poll ran on December 19th and 20th, targeting Facebook users 18-24. The question read: “Are you aware that Facebook has a blog?” Answer options were “Yes,” and “No.” 83% chose no, and the remaining 17% answered yes, they were aware (you gotta love how with simple questions like this, and Facebook polling, you get no “undecided” answers).

By gender, males were more likely to be aware of the blog’s existence. 19% of males said they were are aware, while 14% of females were not. This might be a function of men being more active and interested in the blogosphere, or just a negligible discrepancy due to the small sample size (see below for more on that).

57% of respondents were male and 43% of respondents were female. It’s been reported that there are more women than men on Facebook, so again, there might be some skewing in the answers. But if anything, that should operate in favor of people being aware of the blog, since more men were aware of the blog than women.

The sample size was admittedly small – 100 Facebook users only – because I got hardly any attention after spending over $125 on a poll of 500 Facebook users’ online shopping habits (55% have shopped and bought online this past year). It was a failed experiment – like this one on PPC arbitrage (or Shoemoney’s failed experiments; nice to know I’m in good company!) – and I pride myself on learning from my mistakes. So I limited my risk this time by polling fewer Facebook users and asked ahead of time whether Jane (my target market, whom I decided upon ahead of time with this poll) would be interested in the data. She was, so I decided to go ahead with it. Liked this post? Then get my RSS feed.

Update: I’ve run another poll on Facebook users’ nude photography behavior.

Author: sroiadmin