55% Facebook Users Have Shopped, Bought Online This Past Year

A Further 26% Shop Online and Make Their Purchases Offline

Facebook Polling has discovered that 55% of Facebook users aged 35-49 have shopped and bought at least a couple of things online this year. Those who said that they shop and buy online regularly comprised the largest group of poll respondents, at 31%. This new data reveals a trend away from the scepticism about e-commerce that was more prevalent in past years.

The poll, conducted through Facebook by search engine optimization and internet marketing firm SEO ROI, reveals growing comfort with e-commerce amongst consumers. Of particular interest is the age range of those polled: 35-49 years old, Facebook�s upper age range. Older internet users are often stereotyped as more hesitant to share their financial information online.

Gabriel Goldenberg, President of SEO ROI, said that there were many implications for e-commerce merchants. “This poll demonstrates that older Facebook users are web-savvy and spending their money online. This poll shows that e-commerce is gaining a wide acceptance even amongst people who haven�t grown up with the internet! Companies with a target market in their 30s and 40s need to market to them online.”

Some of the demographics that were typical of earlier e-commerce remain true, according to Goldenberg.”Men comprise a greater percentage of regular online buyers.” 11% more men than women said they shop and buy online regularly. Women tend to be more cautious, shopping online and purchasing offline. In the 90s, books like StrikingItRich.com reported that the large majority of e-commerce consumers were men.

The poll, conducted amongst 500 Facebook users ages 35 – 49, posed the question: “Your online shopping is best described/closest to Regular shoppers (31%) and those who have bought a couple of things this year (24%) account for the headline 55%.

26% more shop online and buy offline. “Merchants need to adapt how they track their online marketing ROI, taking metrics such as store visits into account,” Goldenberg said.

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