Explaining Metrics of Google Analytics on Steroids (GAS) by dp6 and Cardinal Path

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Via illuminea.com, we recently installed Google Analytics on Steroids (GAS) for a client and observed some unknown metrics. I emailed the developers at Brazil’s dp6 and they explained what was going on.

For those unfamiliar with GAS, it’s got a Site App (or standalone version from Git) that enhances what your installation tracks, giving you tracking for PDF downloads, video views and more.

I asked André Maffei and Daniel Focas Carrer of Brazil’s dp6 some questions and they graciously provided clarification.

What does the value mean in the max scroll?

Daniel: “The VGA column shows only the average percentage of each page view visualization.”

What does the form tracking value represent? The percentage of fields completed? The conversion rate of all forms? Can you share what the formula is, please?

Andre: See slide 20: http://www.slideshare.net/eduardocereto/gas-google-analytics-on-steroids-13070356

Events are multidimensional, and the form tracking metric represents an aggregation of other sub metrics, which track form-related events.
For example, you can see the number of people who filled out the name field on your contact form, separately from the name field in a different form.

So that’s why there isn’t a unique formula.

“There isn’t an unique formula, it depends on the site and what you want to measure. Basically you need to play dividing and multiplying metrics like
1. Forms Unique Pageviews
2. Fields Unique Events”

That was still a bit confusing to me, so I asked a followup:

How can there not be a unique formula when it’s about multiplying or dividing form unique PVs and unique events? I’m a bit confused? Is it unique events/ unique PVs? In response, Andre showed me some of the complexity in calculating the metrics

‘Last Step’ Unique events (like ‘send’ button) / unique PVs = A specific Form Conversion rate

(Sum of each form conversion rate) / the number of forms = average form conversion rate

The percentage of fields completed? There isn’t a one number result for this. For example:

1 form with 3 fields and 1 send button, got:

100 unique pageviews
80 unique events for filling the field 1
60 unique events for filling the field 2
30 unique events for filling the field 3
25 unique events for clicking the send button

Form conversion rate: 0,25

Percentage of fields completed:

Field 1: 80% (or 80% of the visitors filled 33% of the form)
Field 2: 60% (or 60% of the visitors filled 66% of the form)
Field 3: 30% (or 30% of the visitors filled 100% of the form)

And these numbers are right just if nobody did something like filling just the field 3.

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