How Do I Play Traffic Cop With This Site?

“How do I sell more hourly consultations?”, I asked. Unfortunately, all the answers failed miserably, despite some of them being so brilliant that I gave away links and consulting time (Vinh Nguyen and Michael Galbus, you can still claim your 1 hour of consulting each :) ). Why?

1) All the answers assumed that the problem was with converting a sufficient supply of traffic visiting my SEO consultations page.
2) I assumed that was the case myself, and didn’t bother looking at my analytics. Thus, I didn’t correct this widespread, but erroneous, assumption.

As it turns out, I got about 6900 visitors in the past 30 days, per Google Analytics (more per Sitemeter, which logs also visitors with Javascript disabled). Guess how many viewed my consultations page?



This isn’t just the shoemaker’s kids going barefoot. This is them having bloody feet that nearly need amputation! Similarly, my consulting services pages barely saw anyone go by, although there were more visitors than for my 1-hour consultations.

(Am I concerned about sharing this information? Will, it hurt my credibility? Perhaps in the short run, it might. In the medium term, I should hopefully be able to get more visitors to my money pages and make more money.

Also, I think this shows that I’m able to identify problems, and face reality. Those are much more valuable skills than the ability to ignore reality…)

So I’d like to redo that fun group brainstorm, and ask you guys:

1) How do I send more of my traffic to my SEO consultations page?

2) How do I send more of my traffic to my SEO services page?

Again, great answers will earn their author’s dofollow links (you can pick the anchor text) and excellent answers will get free 1 hour consultations!

Here are some stats to help you guys out.

  • Bounce rate sitewide is 67%, about average for blogs afaik.
  • I get 1.73 pages a visit, and 1:44 average time on site per visit.
  • 81% of visits were new
  • My most viewed pages last month included forecasting SEO ROI, my Internal Link Building plugin, this page on measuring social media, my homepage, my blog and how to SEO a splash page.
  • 20% of my traffic was direct navigation (love you guys!), 36% was referring sites, and the rest was search traffic.
  • Google sends more traffic than any other single source (a blessing and a curse…)
  • If you need other data and can explain why I’ll try to share as much as possible.

Let me know what ideas you guys might have!

p.s. I’d love to hear what you guys think of these edited h2/h3 headers (smaller sizes and colors matching my theme).

Author: sroiadmin