Sort By Impressions To Find Worst Negative Keywords, Efficiently

Here’s how to increase your adwords CTR and drop CPCs in 30 seconds, by finding more negative keywords. Sort by impressions.

The reason this boosts CTR is because your CTR is determined by clicks across ALL keyword phrases people use – not just those you intended.

Use negative match to block your ads from showing up for irrelevant keywords, even those that are close misses. If you sell Ford F-150s but not their tires, phrase-matching “Ford F-150″ will get you tire-buyers viewing your dealership’s ads.

So you want to pay attention not just to know budget wasters like broad match, but even phrase match keywords.

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes a hassle to sort through the “actual search phrases” report in AdWords. That’s because the default sort is by spend, and that’s not optimal for showing underperforming keywords.

Step 1: View your campaign or adgroup’s actual search phrases.
Step 2: Sort the report by impressions.
Step 3: Look for the close-misses and irrelevant traffic that are causing your ads to appear most frequently but have low CTRs.

Voila – that’s how to find the bulk of your negative keyword list.

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Author: sroiadmin