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Author: Gab Goldenberg

cnet logo1. Do you need social proof? “As Seen In [the following media]” is a popular and well-trusted form of social proof. So next time you run a campaign, why not hit up Google News for inspiration, plus the internal search functions of major news networks and trade publications?

On that note, why not check out my press, which includes CNet, and many large search marketing sites? Marketing Sherpa

2. Dan Zarrella is KILLING IT with his awesome research. Best new internet marketing blog I discovered in 2008 imho. Check out his piece on retweets. He teaches you viral marketing, and as per Dosh’s bit on infographics, which I coincidentally read earlier, Dan makes it very easy for us to consume his content and thus want to share it. Highly impressive site for all the research he’s sharing research, which is often tedious to compile.

3. This is interesting, on classification systems in information retrieval. The language is mostly English, for us non-IRwhizzes-and-geniuses. Also, if you missed it, check out Bill’s interview with

4. Hat tip to this lady for getting me into the whole information retrieval search geek mood, by sharing access to 10 free papers on the semantic relatedness of words.

5. Back on the social side, you’ve probably experienced communifaking. That’s a cogent analysis on why people do it.

6. Sticking with social, and getting into its relationship with relationship management… I was just talking last night about how I left this comment on Sphinn ages ago about some email spammer bothering me to buy their services, then threatening to ruin my reputation when I told them I couldn’t get rid of the Sphinn comment even if I tried.

Today, I googled a reputation management search for a client and found Yahoo Buzz ranking. I’d already gotten the blogger to remove the client’s name from their post, so at least it wouldn’t rank, but now the Yahoo Buzz stuff is there … and I kind of sympathize with that email spammer I flamed, ironically. Of course, the Yahoo Buzz item is on page 2 or 3 (The Borgle likes toying with us SEOs) but still – it’s annoying. And something to consider before you flame someone on social media – you can always edit your blog, but not other people’s websites…

7. I had another idea but forgot it. Always have pen and paper at hand!

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