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Want to guest post on SEO ROI? So long as you can write something out of the box that is an idea, tactic or case study, I’m glad to have your guest post here.

First, read these guidelines.

Links? Sure you can link to your site and/or your clients’ site in the body of the post as well as in the author bio, and you can choose the anchor text.

How many times can you link out? It’s proportional to how good your post is. The higher the quality, the greater the number of links. As a general point, I’m fine with 2-3 links.

Minimum length: No minimum. Just keep it original. Content under 200 words is fine too, so long as it’s fresh and not rehash.

Can you guest post under your own name? Sure, you can use your own name. I’m not looking for ghostwriters.

Some examples of previous posts with out of the box thinking:

The idea of buying youtube embeds since that’s a factor in youtube ranking (and by consequence, universal results presence)
A guest post on how an affiliate got merchants to promote HIM:

Skip Display Ad Retargeting – Retarget For Free With Email:


3 Cheap Web Robots / Scrapers: A review and introduction of some tools that are little known yet highly valuable to SEOs, by Jeffrey Russo of Boston. I was very, very pleased to get this post as its quite original and geared towards my intermediate to advanced audience. How often do people in SEO discuss scrapers?

Stuff your face on longtail keywords with these content generation tactics by John McElborough! A great, in-depth guide, I loved this item!

Sharp Tips TO Add Value InHouse by Everett Sizemore was another post that took

Usability problems in the wedding business was another great, original post that was specific enough to be original and useful.

Got something original to share? Most of the time I’ll approve so long as you’re not rehashing common knowledge.

Author: sroiadmin