Top 10 Things You Don’t Want To Hear From Your SEO

10. Why yes, those viahra footer links will rank our kids’ toys site higher.

9. We’re experts in the three types of link: the reciprocal link, the paid link and the chainlink.

8. Of course it’s normal for link counts to change day-to-day by +/- 50,000.

7. This will cost you your time, money and sanity.

6. We follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. ;D

5. Some killer link sources we access include the Cafepress used panties store.

4. Our SEO team leader is a pro who speaks at numerous conferences. His name is Jason Calacanis.

3. Your report? What report? (Via Acquisio bid management‘s Marc Poirier.)

2. We source content from professionals, like Paris Hilton and Ron Jeremy.

1. We tripled your traffic! We’re now ranking for “Infant Porn”!

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Author: sroiadmin