Affiliate PPC Tip For Mixing Facebook, Shareasale & Prosper 202 Tracking

I just spent a few hours creating and editing an affiliate PPC campaign with Facebook Ad Manager, a Firefox extension that lets you mass-create, upload and split test ads (including split-testing images) on Facebook.

Now, while Facebook Ad Manager saved me a bunch of time, I screwed up with my Prosper 202 tracking setup and so the whole campaign needs to be rebuilt from the start.

Here’s what happened, and how to avoid it happening to you.I wanted to use Shareasale’s subid for tracking at the campaign level and Prosper 202 for tracking at the ad level (since Shareasale doesn’t let you use multiple subids/variables on a given link).

Well, in addition to redirecting to Shareasale’s link, Prosper 202 adds its own link ID on to the end of the URL, which causes a 404. Or at least, it did in my case because the end of the URL here was a Shareasale ‘custom link” – the name they give to deep links that affiliates can make to particular merchant pages.

So, for example, instead of executing my tracking script and redirecting to, Prosper 202 caused the redirect to end up at or

Now, in fairness to Prosper 202, this was my own fault.

The program specifies, when asking for your affiliate link at the campaign set-up stage, that you need to have the end of the URL allow for the subid to be added.

Because it’s late, and Facebook Ad Manager says the same thing (so that it can add its own subids to your ads when it mass-creates and split-tests them for you), I got Prosper 202 and Ad Manager confused. When Prosper outputs its own redirect link, it ends with ” t202kw= “. Somehow I confused that – which would allow Facebook Ad Manager to add its own subid numbers after the t202kw= parameter – with the input URL that you need to give Prosper.

The story has a happy ending though. I figured out a simple workaround to get the tracking and redirects to work!

You just move the ” afftrack= ” parameter (Shareasale’s subid) to the end of the URL that Shareasale gives you. Since that subid can be anything, Prosper’s adding a random number to it is no problem. Of course, it’ll make my Shareasale tracking a little messier, since now the same campaign subid will be duplicated multiple times by Prosper 202. Eg. afftrack=campaignA1234 afftrack=campaignA5678 etc.

Author: sroiadmin