Speaking At Pubcon On Usability, Conversion & SEO !

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Brett Tabke n the gang at Pubcon just added me to a panel entitled, Post Click Marketing: Landing Page Optimization. Hear Me Speak At PubconHere’s what I plan to speak on, per my application:

SEO experts regularly say that pages need more content to rank. While this is often true, it sometimes leads to silly design decisions, such as having a paragraph of text above rows of merchandise on an e-commerce site.

Surprisingly, problems like that one or common. In the tunnel vision of driving traffic, the light at the end of the tunnel (or funnel?) gets forgotten. Will a local and toll-free number mess up Google local listings? Will content available via AJAX or Flash (for better user experience) be hard for search engines to index?

I’m hoping to discuss that and share a case study on the work I’ve been doing for my dad’s dental continuing education site, as well as my own. For my own site, you may have noticed I added some plain internal links to the “active window” area … while the data isn’t conclusive yet, I believe I’ve already identified one new customer, based in NY, whom that helped.

Anyways, you definitely should get a free chapter from my upcoming book if you’re the type who’d attend Pubcon, and especially this panel. Why? Because usability-SEO intersect is a key theme in my book. Oh, and you might want to get my latest posts, too.

Lastly, will you be going to Pubcon? I definitely encourage it (I wouldn’t have pitched if the show sucked), and would love to see you there!

Author: sroiadmin