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Here are some of the most popular posts that I’ve published on this blog. You’ll probably find a few that you never read before, and if that’s the case, then I encourage you to dig through my archives. I hope you enjoy!

Social Media Analytics – How to Measure Social Media Activity

Site Searches Are Being Indexed by Google | Key Followup: Google Reveals Source of Site Searches in Index

Text Link Ads: How to Disguise Them

How Link Buying Should Evolve in 2009

Value Links and Understand Search Like Matt Cutts With Submarine Crawling

How Navigation Peekaboo Converts SEO Traffic Better

How To Do Ad Retargeting On The Cheap

How to Use Trusts to Avoid Google Resetting the SEO Value of a Purchased Site

Cloning Expired Sites aka Resurrecting Sites from the Web’s Graveyard

Use Geography and Typos to Find Link Sources

How To Find Competitors’ Keywords (For Free)

‘Domains Are Not Real Estate’ – Lawyers

Ecommerce Widgets And Trends

On Motivation and Influence

The Trend Towards Content Middle Men

The Trend Towards Data Commodification

The Webmaster’s Independence Manifesto

Facebook As A Recruiting Platform – Google Independent Online Business Opportunities

83% of Facebook Clueless About Facebook Blog

55% of Facebook Users Have Shopped, Bought Online This Past Year

SEO Consultants: The Good, The Rad and the Sexy

Online Community Moderation Interview With Kat French

The Triple Threat Interview: Stuntdubl, Graywolf and Sugarrae

No, I Won’t Vote for You. Yes, I Know You Voted for My Last Piece

Should Aggressive Ad Publishing Decrease PageRank?

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