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A Usability Reference For Internet Marketing Master’s Students

First, the information that’s valuable to all my readers: Check out my most recent usability guest column for Search Engine Land, How Much Detail Do Product Detail Pages Need?

Second, in response to my 4Q visitor surveys, Tara Cervantes wrote me the following in response to the question, “What do you value most about the [company] website?”

“[I]nsight, shared knowledge, great food for thought. I’m an Internet Marketing Master’s student who just can’t get enough (more…)

Comments on my Content

“Thanks for the awesome article.” – Bradley Spencer

“I think this idea is kinda interesting…thank you Gab for sharing this with us!” – Internet Marketing Joy.

“Hey quit writing this out-of-the-box thinking stuff. Don’t you know that people just want to hear about title tags!? :-)” – Marios Alexandrou, All Things SEM

“A very creative legal approach to an important internet marketing issue.

You covered the materials very thoroughly. Thank you for a great read Gab!” – Sarah Bird, general counsel for SEOmoz