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Win Prizes From SEOmoz, Conversion Conference & More – The Advanced SEO Blogging Contest

Want to win amazing prizes like a 1 Year Memberships to SEOmoz or a full Conversion Conference pass?

To Win, Share The Most Creative SEO Tactic You Can Think Of!

How To Enter The Contest

Email with your new tactic/idea (ideally with accompanying case study). Use the subject line CONTEST ENTRY (all caps please – makes it easy for me to pick through email and find entries).

Include links to all photos, videos, audio etc. and say where the content is meant to go in your post. Ex.: “Insert Youtube video: link—– here.”

To Win The Contest

You need to have your entry be a finalist (judged on non-bounced visitors), and then have the judges pick your entry to win.

Contest Prizes

First Place Grand Prize:

1 Full Ticket To A Conversion Conference – value: $1,995
1 Year of SEOmoz Pro membership – value: $1,188
1 Year of MixRank Professional – value: $1164
1 Year of CognitiveSEO Starter plan – value: $588
125 Credits at Feng-GUI’s predictive heatmapping tool – value: $250
1 Year of Website-Monitoring availability checking service for up to 5 URLs – value: $240

Second Place:

1 Single-Day Ticket To A Conversion Conference – value: $1,195
6 Months of SEOmoz Pro membership – value: $594
6 Months of MixRank Professional – value: $582
1 Year of Website-Monitoring service for up to 3 domains – value: $170
50 Credits at Feng-GUI – value: $100

Third Place:
1 Single-Day Ticket To A Conversion Conference – value: $1,195
3 Months of MixRank Professional – value: $291
1 Year of Website-Monitoring service for 1 domain – value: $72
25 Credits at Feng-GUI – value: $50

Finalist prizes:

1. Every finalist entry (includes grand prize, second and third) will be printed in The Advanced SEO Book’s second edition and included in the ebook version as well.
2. Every finalist (includes grand prize winners, second and third) will get mailed a copy of The Advanced SEO Book (second edition) and emailed an ebook copy (first and second editions).

Entrance prizes:

30% Discount at Website Monitoring
20% Lifetime discount at CognitiveSEO

How We’ll Determine The Contest Winners

1. Your entries are judged on two factors: the unique visitors your post attracts AND judges’ subjective opinions.

2. The top 10 entries (by unique, non-bounced visitors) will be the finalists. I (Gab Goldenberg, the contest organizer) will have veto power over posts judged to have manipulated their way into the top 10, so don’t bother with tricks or spam.

Unique non-bounced visitors are based upon Google Analytics numbers. The formula is Unique Visitors x (100% – Bounce Rate).

3. The judges and myself will review the top 10 entries and pick the winners.

Contest Rules

1. There are no minimum word counts. Cover all the details necessary for others to be able to implement your tactic, and leave it at that.

2. You’re encouraged to include pictures, but they must be royalty-free and you must have the legal right to use them.

In fact, your entire entry can be just an image (ex.: infographic, flow chart etc).

3. You can’t enter someone else’s work as your own.

4. You can’t enter previously published work.

5. Embedding content is fine, so long as it’s legal.

6. If you do a video or audio entry, please provide either a summary or transscription for ease of reference/usability. This is to your benefit as it will strongly increase your chances of winning since more people will enjoy and share your content.

7. The contest will publish entries from Monday, MixRank competitive ad tool logoober 8th, 2012 to Wednesday, November 7th, 2012, but submissions can be made from today (Sept 10). The traffic will be counted based on the whole period. For entries submitted in the last 7 days of the contest, the traffic will be calculated from the day the entry is published + 6 days (i.e. a 7 day period). Thus the traffic counting period will end at the latest November 13th (November 7th + 6 days).

Following this period, judges will pick the winners from the top-traffic getting posts.

I’ll go on to share some tips on winning the contest below, but first some thanks to our sponsors:


Conversion Conference - It's all about the conversion
Conversion Conference teaches attendees the latest techniques in A/B and multivariate testing, website data analysis, landing page design and layout, usability and optimization for mobile, tablets and paid search campaigns.

It’s lead by the author of the book, Landing Page Optimization, Tim Ash. Speaking personally, I’ve learnt a lot from Tim and can say definitely that this is a high-value show.

SEOmoz created Linkscape and Open Site Explorer, the SEO world’s first non-Yahoo powered link index and research tools.

They offer much more of course, including their advice via pro members’ Q&A, SEO app, social media monitoring, keyword difficulty/trifecta tool, FollowerWonk, rank tracking and still more beyond that!

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO is a new SEO toolset that automates something many of us do manually – link analysis and classification (guest post, blog comment etc), besides for other link tools.

Their data is sourced from SEOmoz, Majestic, AHrefs and more – so it’s extremely high quality.

Feng-GUI offer designers, advertisers and creatives, a tool that uses a scientific algorithm to predict what people will most look at. This helps you find out if you have visual clutter or visual clarity, as well as what the dominant graphic elements are.

They report results in heatmap and gaze-plot format, which helps with visual hierarchy and conversion rate optimization. I personally have an account and find it quite useful. See the #1 tip for homepage design, for an example of the reports. logo Website-Monitoring by SiteImpulse constantly checks websites’ availability and validates their functions.

Each outage is reported instantly with email and SMS alerts and recorded in database for future analysis.

MixRank competitive ad tool logo MixRank offers a competitive intelligence tool for online display ads, so online marketers can find the most relevant traffic sources in their industry. SEOs can monitor what publishers your competitors are paying for clicks on and snap up that traffic for free by contacting the webmaster directly for link building.

Don’t forget that you can also plug these sites into free keyword tools to uncover new keyword ideas (based on those sites’ content) that will generate additional, relevant traffic.

Tips To Win The Contest

Content Suggestions:

+ Surprise people!

Challenge a common assumption or the “accepted” way of doing things. Can you even do the complete opposite?

+ Integrate more than one discipline.

Ex.: How can you use email to make search visitors convert higher? This post on integrating Facebook demographics into keyword research was extremely popular, partly for this reason and partly because it surprised people by showing that Facebook data could be useful for SEO.

+ Make it easy to implement.

Sharing a tactic as opposed to just an idea? The above Facebook + keyword research tactic was creative – but inaccessible for many. If your tactic requires custom-code, can you offer a standard script people can just download or copy? If it requires some particular server-side doodling, can you shoot a video showing how it’s done, step-by-step? Have you provided simple step-by-step instructions?

+ Appeal to different learning styles with audio / visual.

Some people learn best by reading, while others learn by watching or listening. If you can speak to more learning styles, then you can get more visitors.

+ Write 10 titles, then pick the best.

Have some friends rate them and give you feedback on which to use. Avoid “clever” titles since you’re probably the only one who’ll get it – speaking from my own experience as one who’s made this mistake several times.

Promotion Suggestions: Don’t just publish, promote!

+ Ask friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to read the entry and share the post and/or vote it up at or other relevant sites. Don’t make them feel obligated – acknowledge that they have their integrity and say that they should only promote it if they like it.

+ Write a blog post sharing the link to your entry and encourage your readers to go read it, and share it themselves.

+ Got an email list? Offer a teaser with a link to read the full thing.

+ Consider some ads:

Stumbleupon Ads start at 10 cents, and getting stumbleUpon thumbs up from paid visits will generate additional free visits. Similarly, Twitter ads start around 50 cents a click but can get retweets especially from influential Tweeters.

Terms & Conditions

1. All entrants give Gabriel Goldenberg the right to publish their entry in part or in its entirety online, in book and ebook format. This includes images and any screen captures of video. The right is transferrable.

2. The contest is open to people age 18+.

3. I reserve the right not to publish any entry for any reason whatsoever, or to delete any entry for any reason whatsoever. This is unlikely to happen if you use your judgment and follow the rules and guidelines.

4. The entry must not have been previously published elsewhere online or offline.

5. I reserve the right to change the rules as necessary, at my sole discretion. (I can’t predict if the prizes will incent misbehaviour, so I have to include this to allow me to remedy the situation if there’s a problem).

The above rules, terms etc were heavily inspired by JobMob’s guidelines. Thanks Jacob!

How To Mashup Your Data And Mutate Joe Blow Campaigns Into X-Men Campaigns: New SEO/Email/CRO Tactic

SEOs building email lists (and email retargeting subscribers) just got huge help in the form of data mashup artists Rapleaf and Rapportive, two tools for gaining data on your email contacts. The impact will mutate weak little campaigns into car-throwing raging hulks.

The Incredible Hulk (more…)

PSD To HTML Slicing Checklist For Landing Pages

If you’re designing a custom landing page, chances are that you’re using a PSD to HTML chop shop, like my friends at PSD to HTML/CSS. The problem is that things you may obviously require won’t be obvious to the coders. (more…)

View-Thru Attribution Management – My Experiment Design

An increasingly popular question in attribution management and in advertising measurement is what effect ads – that were viewed but not clicked on – have. These ads are known in the lingo as ‘View-Thrus’ or ‘View-Throughs.’ The related question people usually have is what percentage of credit to give view-thrus for conversions that came via multiple touchpoints (e.g. the customer saw and/or clicked several ads, before buying).

I’ve come up with an idea for an experiment to measure the effect of such “view-thru” ads on conversion, as well as on acquisition costs. (An acquisition cost is the cost-per-action of acquiring the lead/customer.) (more…)

Update To The Popular Internal Link Building

My friend Marios Alexandrou, an advanced SEO who loves to test ranking factors, worked with my programmer to update the popular WordPress plugin I had built, Internal Link Building. (more…)

5 Surprising Sources of Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence provides entertainment, an inside-track on industry trend-spotting, and the potential to develop tangential business opportunities before others, or at least catch up quickly. I gluttonously consume information, and thought I’d share some parts of my diet with other competitive intelligence collectors with hearty appetites. (more…)

Guest Post On Small Business Landing Pages…

… posted at Search Engine Journal: Landing Pages On A SMB Budget.

Splash Page SEO: How To Rank With The Double Homepage Technique

Does the legal team or your boss absolutely insist on having a splash page? Here’s a tip to SEO the homepage in the search engines despite the splash. It’s untested as of yet, but I feel it’s good enough to be worth a try.

Are you ready?

How Do I Sell More Hourly Consultations?

I want to flip the tables and this time ask you, my dear readers, for some advice. What can I do to sell more one-hour consultations? It’s my favourite service to provide, typically clarifies a lot of stuff for the client and provides them with great value, and it’s quite convenient as far as overhead/organization goes. I’m open to anything, so don’t be intimidated or feel like it’s a “stupid” suggestion or “too obvious.” (more…)

WP SEO Plugin Conflict Report

I’ve long had All In One SEO, but I find myself increasingly dissatisfied with it. It only handles posts, not pages, it won’t auto-301 posts when you change the permalink, and doesn’t let you mass-edit titles/descriptions. Not that I’m ungrateful, as it’s been good to me, but it’s kind of annoying having an All In One tool that isn’t all in one. (more…)

Survey Gizmo Review

Survey Gizmo have powered my contact and quote forms for as long as I can remember. Recently, I upgraded to pro and thought I’d share my thoughts with you guys on what I like about their software. Full disclosure – I have dealt with Survey Gizmo, but am getting no money for this nor was I required or even asked to link as part of our business. (more…)

How Google Would Build Links For Mortgage Rankings

Update: Welcome Sphinn, StumbleUpon users :). How can you rank for competitive keywords like “Mortgage Calculator”? I don’t know about SEOBook, since he’s always talking about it, but here’s how Google would rank for a bigshot mortgage term like that.


New SEO Plugin for WordPress: Internal Link Building

Note: If you download this, please link to this page from your blog or Tweet it. Also, you’ll probably like a free chapter from my advanced SEO book.

Update 1 : The plugin has been downloaded 22,000 + times! And many webmasters use it on multiple sites, so it’s probably being used on closer to 25-30,000 sites!

22,000 downloads of Internal Link Building

(Click to enlarge)

Update 2 : To download the plugin, you need to add my RSS feed to your reader. The download link is now in my RSS feed’s footer . That is to say you can find a link to download below any post, but only if you read via RSS.

Some folks have complained about the need to subscribe. And I understand where you’re coming from – it feels a little pushy and you probably already have a bunch of subscriptions.

But there are good reasons to subscribe to my rss feed (besides it being free):

1) To hear about updates to the plugin or new plugins and SEO tools I release.

2) To learn new SEO techniques. If you like my plugin, aren’t my other SEO ideas worth your attention?

Key info on Internal Link Building:

Internal Link Building gives you an admin panel to assign keywords to given destination URLs. The point being that your website will link within itself a la Wikipedia – every time a keyword occurs, it links to the page you defined. (more…)

CrowdSurfing On a TourBus in Israel – My Pro Partying Association Bona Fides

When you and a busload of friends have had several long hours of championship partying in the club where you gave 110%, and you’re still so pumped for overtime that you go over the top for the win – you’re a Hall of Fame member of the Pro Partying Association. (more…)

The Biggest, Baddest, Resource Bonanza Bar None!

Here’s my effort to share original resources that haven’t received wide attention/link love on other blogs. Hence I haven’t shared Aaron Wall’s tools (how useful would one more mention be?), Xenu Link Sleuth or SEOmoz’s tools (though I had to put them in the Friends section). Here is search marketing’s BIGGEST, BADDEST, RESOURCE BONANZA BAR NONE! (If you enjoy it, subscribe – there’s lots more where this came from ;) .)

The SEO Business

What makes Web sites credible?

Proposal layout and design

Five Simple Ways to Make Your Proposal More Competitive

Canada Business – Starting a Consulting Business – Interesting item for my fellow SEO consultants here (more…)

20 Blockbuster Reasons To Subscribe And Become A SEM Thought Leader

Desert VistaThis post is a little like a long march through the desert. Visually it’s pretty repetitive and it’s easy to just focus on the mountain peaks (subheaders/scannable content). But if you survive it to the end, your mind will be the stronger for it and you will be rewarded in more ways than one. And you’ll have a new SEO blog feed in your feedreader.

(Image courtesy of Ojaipatrick.)

20. You should subscribe to my RSS feed because reading the original headlines I write will make you a better writer, if nothing else. In turn, you can leverage what you learn and replicate my techniques in your own niche. Besides, my topics are different…

19. The topics I’m writing about aren’t being covered by other search and search marketing bloggers. Simply put, the material is more original, more edgy, more ahead of the game. Who else is teaching you about cloning expired sites? How about using n grams to make your anchor text profile more natural? No one else is sharing ideas like that, and if you don’t subscribe, you’ll get left behind by the SEOs that do. This relates to points 15 and 06, below.

18. My regular use of case studies sets me apart and gives you practical examples whose tactics you can apply in your own situation. Other people will talk to you about how to do your reputation management. I wrote about Facebook’s reputation management efforts. Others will say “be good to your clients and they’ll become brand evangelists.” I wrote about Adviso and Dreamhost generating brand evangelists by proactive reputation management. And I contrasted them with 1and1 and Network Solutions. This blog is more than just what’s going on in the here and now, though.Google Maps SERPs

17. This SEO blog covers the leading strategies and tactics that are set to make their mark in the near-future. Want to find out about Google Maps’ latest changes to their SERPs? I wrote about it first. What about when I’m second?

16. It’s exceptionally rare for me to be second, because I strive to be different and original, but when I am, I add something unique. I covered the Google BlogSearch search engine’s ranking algorithms, based on distilling the gems of other people’s analysis into an easy-to-follow guide. But my guide improved on their explanations by adding how my own blogs had been impacted by Google’s ranking factors, both positively (a Blog Search Onebox inclusion) and negatively (another blog getting flagged as potential spam). Like I said at point 18 – this blog is practical. Like that picture of a wrench there. I know practically that more of you will subscribe if I use pictures. See? I’m practical because I put a picture of a wrench on this page.

Subscribe to Gab's SEO ROI RSS feed

Subscribe to my RSS feed – It’s fresh and different.

15. My personal philosophy about learning is that everybody can teach you something, which is essentially what Brian Clark explains here. By now I’ve probably taught most people that reading promotional copy for RSS feeds is a waste of their time and that they should be clicking ‘back’ to avoid further mental decay. More seriously, my approach to learning means that take blackhat ideas and adapt them into whitehat processes. By reading this SEO blog, you get the benefit of learning what works without the risk of getting banned.

14. Speaking of learning, some questions are asked more frequently than others. I’m aiming to develop the single largest, most comprehensive SEO FAQ around. Subscribing will likely result in you finding answers to your questions just as they arise. Such as the difference between a/b testing and multivariate testing, or how to write a robots.txt file. You’ll also see other issues discussed here as they arise:

13. I’ve been the first with the news here repeatedly, in a short time. I polled Facebook users about their shopping habits and about whether they were aware of the Facebook blog’s existence. Likewise for the silent murder of Facebook Flyers. Plus you’ll find a lot more here than Facebook.

Thought Lightning12. The ideas you’ll find me writing are thought-provoking. Literally – I wrote a how-to Think Like A Search Engineer post. And I asked whether aggressive ad publishing decreases your Page Rank. Certainly it’ll decrease your mindshare, and it’s not a great business model in any event. And if you care about SEO as a business, I’ve got another juicy reason for you to subscribe.

(Image courtesy of Norby.)

11. That reason is my meaty content and knowledge of SEO as a business. I’ve interviewed Mikkel deMib Svendsen – one of the most experienced SEOs around, who’s been in the business since the mid-late 90s – on SEO business models. And I’ve chatted with Rand Fishkin and Rebecca Kelley about it in SEOmoz’s Premium Members section (see closing the sale, a search marketer’s priorities, and how to stand out in the SEO blogosphere). So you can see that if you want to get into the search business, following this search blog will help you get a head start.

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10. Subscribing is a great step to establishing a relationship with me. Big deal, right? Well, it is a big deal when you consider that I write around a fair bit, tend to get my content ranking and generously link out to people whom I have relationships with. Fellow bloggers, former clients, people who’ve had me guest-post … all have benefited from such links. And I’ve written for the best of em: SEOmoz’s blog, Sitepoint, BrandCurve, Pandia’s search engine blog, ISEdb, the Huomah SEO blog etc. Not to mention what I’ve done at Sphinn.

09. My in-depth posts have been averaging 40 Sphinns. In other words, fellow search marketers are impressed at what I write. At the time of this writing, this one on motivation had 40 Sphinns. This piece on MSN’s share of the search marketMSN 40 sphinns has 40. Another 40 for this post on resurrecting sites from the internet graveyard. 56 for the Top 20 Little Known Sphinners. To be fair my “Hey guys, I’m speaking at SMX West and I’m only 20!” post only did 27. Hey, at least it got a link from Search Engine Land :D (see the Conferences section of the post).

08. I have variety in length, content and niche. Want a medium size post on analytics? Got it. Long piece on algorithms? Done it. Credibility? Check. Variety of case studies? In stock. Informal writing your thing? Bingo! You won’t get bored by one type of content all the time. This relates to #03 below (though the Scratchpads discussed there might be long or short, depending how much I have to say).

07. In the short-to-medium-term I’ll be launching the best damn premium content you could find anywhere. Better than SEOmoz, better than Jim’s Ninja Videos, better than Aaron Wall’s upcoming membership/subscription site. Anyways, I will be restricting access to the premium section to 100 people or less, and you’ll need to be a subscriber to find out how to apply for access.

06. Occasionally, subscribers will get access to content that non-subscribers won’t have. I’m currently editing a 30 page report on getting the attention of the Sphinn crowd. The top Sphinners have graciously been granting me interviews, and I’ve been conducting my own personal research on the site. I’ve compiled their answers and my research into the Authoritative Guide To Sphinn: Everything You Needed To Know Plus The Colour of Danny’s Skateboard.

Other things coming in the near future are a tools page (password available in the feed) and certain wordpress plugins, whose download pages’ access password will only be in the feed.

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05. If you want to belong to any industry’s thought-elite, you need to read the same material the elite are reading. (Not think the same, mind you, but definitely read the same). It’s like that saying, “Show me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Search marketing’s influential people are already paying attention to this blog and to yours truly. Besides Danny Sullivan and the people from SMX, Maki of the money-making Dosh Dosh has repeatedly Stumbled and Sphunn my material. The same can be said of Jeff Quipp, from Search Engine People. Likewise Sebastian, the famous shellfish behind Sebastians’ Pamphlets.

Does the name Rand Fishkin ring a bell? He’s stumbled my content. Ditto Bill “Patent Guru” Slawski. How about Dan Thies?

SEO ROI's readers

Tamar “Techipedia” Weinberg, Chris “10e20″ Winfield, Shana “Social Desire” Albert, Ralph “Fantomaster” Tegtmeier, Tad “SEO 2.0″ Chef, Marty “aimClear” Weintraub, “XMCP” of Slightly Shady SEO, Ann “SEO Smarty” Smarty, Dave “Red Fly Marketing” Davis, Chris “North Rock Publishing” Dohman, Andrew “Local SEO Guide” Shotland, David “Huomah” Harry, Todd “SEM Portland” Mintz, Bob “Raise My Rank/Qwerty” Gladstein, Hamlet “Ranksense” Batista, Kim “SEO For Newbs” Bock, Barry “RustyBrick” Schwartz and veteran SEO Bill Hartzer are just a few of the industry’s big names who have been known to pay attention. To the right is a matrix of my readers, compiled using their Sphinn avatars.

04. As opposed to subscribing to an email search marketing newsletter, this will allow you to keep control over your inbox and only check things out when you feel like seeing them. You have control over the volume and speed at which you learn. Granted, you’ll likely get addicted to this content and read it all as soon as it’s published, but at least you can easily ubsubscribe at your leisure (no reply with ‘unsubscribe’ subject lines or counting on others really removing you from lists), if ever you decide to kick the habit. ;)

03. Content is going to be concise and to the point. That’s largely what my Scratchpad column is going to be good for – getting out ideas quickly and informally without additional fluff. Just the bare bones essentials of the idea, and perhaps a couple of applications. Mostly just the idea(s) though. Yummy content that’s easily digestible.

02. My volume of posts is very apt for a feedreader – subscribing by feed will save you time instead of checking back daily. I don’t post daily, but I don’t post fewer than twice a week either. The only exception is if I’ve guest-posted elsewhere, in which case there’s at least a post notifying you where to find the guest-post.

01. The most original, iron-clad satisfaction guarantee you can get! I’ll PAY YOU $20 US by Paypal if you find yourself less than totally satisfied at having subscribed, provided you give me valid constructive criticism on how I failed to make it worthwhile and how I can improve. These 20 reasons show that I know what makes a feed worth reading, and you better believe I’ve done my homework on why people unsubscribe. I guarantee your satisfaction.

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Using Google Trends For SEO: Domaining, Expanding, Seasonal Queries

Just as Google loves data, so should SEOs. I love country code domain names and domaining (NamePros is a great community to learn, if you’re interested). As I was conducting some keyword research to buy new .ca domains, it occurred to me that I could use Google Trends (notice the nofollow on that link ;) ) data to help me with my selection. There are also other uses for Trends data in SEO that are equally interesting. (more…)