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Monitor Twitter to Get Backlinks!

I am a self-obsessed Twitter fanatic. I spend way too much of my day on there, usually at a severe cost to my productivity. Which is why when I started to get into social media marketing, I jumped in with both feet. Being on Twitter for work? I was totally in!

Because I spend so much time there, I have discovered the benefit of using it for everything from promotion and customer service, to reputation monitoring and trend reviewing. But it is link building that I have recently been putting a lot of effort into. Or, as much effort as I can between retweeting funny pictures of pets and old Simpsons quotes.

What interested me when talking to fellow bloggers was that many don’t know about link building through Twitter. At least, outside of posting links to their own blogs on their Twitter feed, which is social media marketing 101. But not the focus of this article.

Twitter is about building contacts NOT links – False

Twitter is about building links through great opportunities – True

Link Building On Twitter

Monitor Twitter for links - Tweetdeck

You can also gather brand dedication along with a link when you follow search terms AND interact with other Twitter users. This all ties in to reputation management, which you should be practicing anyway. When you do this, you are increasing the likelihood of a mention on their feed, blog or other site. This is a great way to build links all over the web. Especially if you target popular tweeters.

HACK: Twitter search is your first *awesome* source of link building opportunities

Here are just a few awesome search ideas for you (pick a few!)

  • Target content curators: “iphone apps” list / roundup / best
  • Target local bloggers: #dallas (blog)
  • Target your competitors’ promoters / your own promoters: viprealty

PAIN: With the new Twitter API monitoring Twitter search has become a massive pain

There’s really only one way around this: Twitter API seems to work much better on their own app: new TweetDeck. You may hate Twitter’s dominence making other Twitter search apps such a pain, but at least there’s a known workaround :)

Participating and Hosting Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat is a new great way to enter the niche you target. If you have a social media manager, make sure there’s a list of Twitter chats in your niche for your manager to consistently participate. There’s a ton of opportunities there.

Here are some local Twitter chats for example:




Setting up a Twitter chat is easy as well. Here’s a good site for that: TwChat

It allows you to set up hushtag-driven room and will even let you archive and analyze all the tweets later. A good Twitter chat is always a link bait in itself: Besides, you can always become a niche celebrity by maintaining one!


Link building is a part of any online business. But you want to make sure you are getting high quality links, which can take a lot of time and effort. Both of which are hard to come by, at times.

Social media makes it so much easier. Especially Twitter, thanks to their live feed and potential for connecting with those interested in your brand. Start using it to, and you will be sure to see results.

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By Michelle Troy

Michelle Troy is the local blogger writing for VIP Realty Dallas blog. Michelle specializes in local journalism and community building.

Getting A PR5 .Edu Link With Broken Link Building

“When I first became interested in SEO a couple years back, I read every article I could on the subject. For a beginner, much of it was very confusing. It seemed like a good amount of the information was contradictory, and I had no clue which techniques would really help my websites shoot up the search engine rankings.

I eventually came across a number of posts on SEOmoz and Point Blank SEO touting a method known as broken link building. For those who don’t know what BLB is yet, it is discovering pages that have a high number of links pointing to them but have since been taken down, creating a page that is similar to the broken one, then emailing the original “linkers” telling them about their broken link and asking them to link to the new version on your site. Unlike article spinning and low-quality guest posts, broken link building is actually good for the future of the Web because it is cleaning up the broken links and making the user experience more satisfying. I have heard that something like 16% of links on the Internet break each year.

I am currently performing SEO work for my father’s business, which is in a tough niche to acquire natural links. I had a few content ideas for his website that didn’t really pan out, so I was stuck with ways to acquire real high-quality links for his business website. I eventually found an article from the early 2000′s that had been down since 2006, according to the Wayback Archives. This page had built up a number of links and authority before it was taken down, the content was related to his business, so I rewrote the article (the original author gave permission in his article that anyone could do this) and put it up on his site.

The next day I started emailing all the webmasters who had linked to the original article long ago. I wasn’t extremely confident; it looked like many of these pages were from 1999 and hadn’t been touched in over a decade. But I was just hoping for one very quality link – that surely could be attainable, right?

According to Open Site Explorer stats, the number one page linking to the original article was a PR5 .edu page from a very well respected institution. The page authority was 69 and the domain authority was a 92, so I put a lot of time into constructing an email to that webmaster, knowing very well how much it could pay off.

Click the image to see Brian’s email full size:

Broken Link Building Email 1

That same day I checked my inbox and saw that the person had responded. I quickly clicked it and gazed at the screen, “Thanks for your email, we have updated our page with the new link.” Score!

My father’s business website now has an incredibly valuable link pointing to it, search traffic went up immediately, and I was hooked on broken link building. If you are sick of sending out boring guest posts that probably give you a very low ROI, I cannot recommend broken link building enough. With broken pages all over the Internet, there will never be a shortage of opportunities to re-create some content for your site and capture those great links.

Author: Brian Klemm is the President of Northbound Digital, an SEO and inbound marketing firm in Chicago Lakeview specializing in helping small businesses in the area acquire more traffic and revenue through increased search traffic. Follow on Twitter @NorthbndDigital.”

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Where I (Gab, the guy behind SEO ROI) invented this idea 5 years ago: Cloning Expired Sites
Broken Link Building – A Case Study
Broken Link Building Just Got Stupidly Easy
The Biggest Broken Link Building Opp In A Decade

Broken Link Building Just Got Stupidly Easy

Two people whom I really admire for their abilities and expertise in SEO, Garrett French of Citation Labs and Russ Virante of Virante Inc, teamed up to produce the Broken Link Prospector. (more…)

Ongoing Case Study: The Advanced SEO Book Put To The Test

Someone told me recently he’s skeptical about the value provided by The Advanced SEO Book. Notwithstanding the fact that it’s had great reviews and gotten me positive feedback from SEOs at serious online companies like Salesforce, I’ve decided to eat my own dog food and implement the tactics and prove their worth.

At least once a week, I’m going to write about what I’m doing to build the site, generate revenue and how it implements my book’s advice.

Here’s a quick preview of the game plan: (more…)

Can You Tell Me If This Is A New Algo Loophole? Does Link Disavowal Enable Mafia-Style Link Laundering?

The new link disavowal tools seem to create a unique, certainly unintended opportunity for SEOs to get short term AND long term results via “link laundering.” This is a new algorithm loophole it seems, spam which resembles the mafia’s (and Russian and Iranian governments’) money laundering tactics. I’d love to hear your comments on this. (more…)

Why I Ignore 99% of Guest Post Solicitations

Why I ignore them? They’re plain crap, as defined by my friend Ann Smarty’s infographic: (more…)

How To Mashup Your Data And Mutate Joe Blow Campaigns Into X-Men Campaigns: New SEO/Email/CRO Tactic

SEOs building email lists (and email retargeting subscribers) just got huge help in the form of data mashup artists Rapleaf and Rapportive, two tools for gaining data on your email contacts. The impact will mutate weak little campaigns into car-throwing raging hulks.

The Incredible Hulk (more…)

You Already CAN Automate Personalized Link Outreach

Yesterday I suggested that perhaps SEOs should automate their personalized link outreach. It turns out you already can thanks to Liam Delahunty’s Online Sales tool suite. He doesn’t discuss it visibly there, I think to avoid copycats killing the technique.

Very, very interesting. Love to hear from anyone using that specifically how it’s gone for them, what kind of results they’ve seen. CC @ Garrett French, Eric Ward, Jon Cooper, Debra Mastaler, all link building pros….

Advanced Link Building Idea: Should SEOs Automate Personalized Intro Emails To Check Webmaster Addresses?

How do you avoid wasting time contacting webmaters whose email addresses are dead?

If you’re contacting dozens or hundreds of webmasters, depending on your team’s size, this could mean hours of wasted time.

How about registering a throwaway email address and sending an innocuous ‘heya’ to all your prospects (in BCC). Then filter out the bounces and ‘recipient domain rejected’ addresses?

You can do that, but it’s annoying to people when people send you email spam. Especially to webmasters.

A more classy approach is to
-use Buzzstream or the like to auto grab their contact details,
-use a script to individually email each webmaster, auto-populating their firstname (or lastname or site address and name) in the subject line and greeting
-that email asks if they’re still updating the site and would like you to tell them about broken links you found. Don’t mention you want a link yet.

Love if someone can develop this tool…

Hat tip to SEOmoz’s dead link building guide for the idea on the ‘still updating’ time saver.

My Blog Guest Growth Has Exploded in 3 Years

You know you’ve got a good product when it grows so massively in just 3 years. My friend Ann Smarty has done a massive job developing the site, and big congrats to her on the success, explained in the following infographic: (more…)

Why Does This SEO-Promoting Email Spam Beat Gmail’s Filters?

I spend an inordinate amount of time deleting spam emails from my Gmail inbox.

Update: Someone said I shouldn’t try to get these guys penalized. Here’s my response:
They’re wasting my time daily and I should stand back quietly? It’s called protecting what’s yours. You don’t think house alarms are bad, even though they might embarass thieves or get them caught, do you? I’m protecting my time from thieves.

If my email is public and scraped, Gmail should still block the spam people send me. Since they’ve been horrible at stopping this for at least a year, and probably more like three years, I’m going to start posting these emails here and hopefully Google will improve its spam filters as a result. As I get more spam emails, I’m going to keep posting them here. And maybe these people will see their own emails scraped and rendered useless by their fellow spammers… (more…)

I Got A Fake (?) “Please Remove This Link” Email

Jon Cooper writes about an interesting negative SEO tactic: fake link removal requests. I have particular interest since I think I got one of these, recently.

As I emailed Jon: (more…)

How Even Established Sites Use Keyword Difficulty aka Efficiency Data

[Edit: I try to post original stuff but I realize here that I'm adapting "second page poaching." It only occurred to me after writing my post, but when you're done reading this, check out Virante's posts on second page poaching, relevant data collection and an API. ]

While working on a huge site with 1000s of pages and keywords, I realized that I needed to prioritize what keywords to build links for.

The situation was different from a brand new site, because for a new site, all keywords are equally hard to rank for (except perhaps those in the domain), in that you’re not in the top 100 for anything. In such a case, you typically prioritize keywords by absolute search volume, then keyword difficulty.

Unlike a brand new site, this site already has pages in the top 100 – and especially the top 20 – for dozens of terms. I sawthis when setting up the rank tracking (for reporting purposes) in Raven Tools. (Normally I prefer Authority Labs for rank tracking for their great historical graphs. These let you see what links boosted you, assuming the links are published on sites crawled regularly.)

 Check page 2 rankings with equivalent keyword search volume for their relative keyword difficulty, using SEOmoz’s keyword difficulty tool.

Accessible to SEOmoz Pro members only as of this writing.  

Anyways, Stephan Spencer and the boys at Virante shared a tip that you should look for pages ranking in positions 11-20, e.g. on the second page, since they’re easiest to rank.

The site already has loads of authority links from across the web, having been around since the 90s. So what’s needed at this point is deep links with a mix of anchor text. You’re only a few links away from page 1 and traffic in that case.

And as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. A site doing 1 million visits/month didn’t get there from trying to rank for “insurance” straight away, but from getting 50 visits a month here and 230 visits a month there. It adds up and snowballs, because as more people get to know you and find you in search results, more people link to you.

(Mike Grehan described this phenomenon years ago as the [SEO] Rich Get Richer, in a piece called Filthy Linking Rich.)

What do you do when you have a few dozen pages on page 2? With similar keyword search volumes? Look at the keyword difficulty. 

So unless there’s a tool that gives me keyword difficulty scores in bulk, I’m going to go through the terms 5 at a time with SEOmoz’s keyword difficulty tool and see what ranks in positions 2-20 and is worth building links for to top up traffic.

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The Infographic of Infographics

David McBee, one of the web’s savvier link builders, shared with me this parody, tongue-in-cheek infographic about infographics, via

Infographic on Infographics

I like it :).

How I Build A Link Request List Without Scrapers

I’ve been going back to basics and doing lots – dozens of hours worth – of manual link outreach. It ain’t pretty, but it works. Here’s how I build my link request list, without tools.


The Biggest Broken Link Building Opportunity In A Decade is dead. All the links going to it and its associated URLs are broken. (more…)

Negative SEO: How To Tear Down Competitors’ Links

Does your competitor have some sweet old links you wish they didn’t have?

Well, here are two sneaky ways – one’s even sly and nasty – to get your competition’s links dropped.

1) Run their site through your favourite backlink research tools.
2) Use something like Xenu Link Sleuth or your favourite link checker to look for 404 pages on your competitor’s site that have links.
3) Contact the webmasters linking to said 404s and use broken link building to get the link for yourself instead.

If the link is on a hub page that links to many pages in the field, you don’t even need the competitor’s page to 404.
1) Run the hub page through a broken link checker.
2) Write an email to the hub page’s webmaster with a large list of the broken links – but don’t send yet.
3) Add your competitor’s link into the list near the end.

Q: Why would the webmaster remove your competitor’s link if it’s not broken?
A: Laziness and trust – if the first dozen links were all broken, the next dozen are probably broken, too. Why keep checking all of them?

While I think it’s fine for you to do the first to competitors, the second approach isn’t ethical. It’s an approach to be aware of though, so if you have a link management software like Buzzstream , follow up with the appropriate webmaster if a link dissappears. And of course, monitor your 404 errors in Webmaster Tools and server logs.

Tricks To Personalize Link Requests: Whois + LinkedIn + Bing/Google + Company Data

Ever needed to send a link request but lacked anything better than “” as a contact address? I’ve been back to basics with a client recently, and of course this classic situation has come up. Here are a few tools/tricks I’m using to get more information to personalize the email/phone call and increase the success rate:

Need A Free Ebook Directory? Here’s the Ebook Directory list…

Need A Free Ebook Directory? Here’s the Ebook Directory list….

Hat tip to Eric Ward for telling me about ebook publishing as a link building technique. It obviously helps more if those ebooks are free. Check out Eric’s link opportunity alert newsletter for more…

Quick Link & Relationship Building Time Savers

It’s no secret that editorial links are typically relationship driven, but who has time to build relationships? That’s why we talk at each other in ephemeral tweets that last 140 characters … if you had that kind of lasting power in your relations with your wife, a divorce would not be long in coming! (more…)

How to Use ScrapeBox to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

This guest post is by Andrew Breen of Outshine Online Marketing who offers SEO, PPC management, and CRO services. We met at SMX West a few years ago and he recently got back in touch to see about guest posting… I suspect this technique is how he found out about me taking guest posts ;)!

ScrapeBox kicks butt for link building. It has dramatically sped up my link building process more than any other tool I’ve used. This post will show you exactly how I use ScrapeBox to find dozens of high quality guest blogging opportunities – in minutes instead of hours.

What the heck is ScrapeBox?

Scrapebox logo (more…)

I Ranked #3/#1 For SEO On (Pics)

Did you know I used to rank #3 for SEO on – without being logged in or anything – behind only two Wikipedia results? So de facto, I was the #1 top ranking SEO in the country :). (more…)

Broken Link Building – A Case Study

This guest post is by Ben Jackson, founder of SEO Discovery, an SEO blog with free tutorials, link building strategies, and more.

This is a case study of my broken link building campaign. These are the steps I took, the successes I had, and the mistakes I made.

4 Advanced eCommerce SEO tactics

The following is a guest post from James Agate, the SEO director at Skyrocket SEO, a leader in eCommerce SEO & Conversion Optimisation for small and medium sized online retailers.

eCommerce SEO is a unique beast. There are technical issues to consider, scalability challenges to think about and countless other opportunities and drawbacks that need to be taken into account. We work a great deal in the eCommerce space; here are some of the ways I know will take your or your client’s business to the next level.

Get Link Acquisition Opportunities From Eric Ward’s Newsletter

Full disclosure: I’m getting a free review copy for this review.

Eric Ward, aka Link Moses, has been at link building since the bad old days when Yahoo Directory actually was a place to start your search (imagine!). More importantly, the man is great at unearthing very high quality link opportunities, often hubs, that would go for $500 – $1000 / pop if you were paying true value for time.

Eric’s subscription newsletter is available very affordably – $8/month!

What’s nice is that the newsletter isn’t rehashing directories everyone knows. For example, were you aware that you can get into Encyclopedia Britannica? Or that there are specialized search engines for boating and biology?

One thing in particular that I’d never considered was how PageRank is partly dependent on how specific a page’s topic is. The wider your appeal, the more links you can gain and thus obtain more PageRank. But the more narrowly and specifically you cover a topic, the fewer the people that might link to you. Conversely, narrower treatments will often answer a searcher’s intent better than general pages. I won’t share Eric’s examples, but he demonstrated his case well with some particular SERPs.

(For people wondering how my book compares to Eric’s newsletter, the purposes and learning are different. While I have a section on link building tactics, my book is on all of advanced SEO, including converting SEO traffic, keyword research and other miscellaneous tasks. Further, I also teach you the creative thinking to invent your own link acquisition tactics. Hence the book being in the $100 price range.)

Finally, Eric discusses free tools like Firefox extensions few people know about… sure to be appreciated by people spending most of their time on the link hunt.

Liked this post? Get a free chapter from my book, on how to massively scale link building without social media!

Tools I Want

I’ve been digging into online marketing tools and to my chagrin, most want an annual fee (or one time payment usually roughly equivalent). It’s the rise of SAAS…

Email: (more…)

Can SEOs Automatically Analyze Backlink Profiles?

In a thought-provoking article, Russ Virante of Virante SEO asks whether, instead of manually checking through competitors’ backlink profiles, it’s perhaps possible to automate the analysis, at least to dig for paid links. He suggests that by using SEOmoz’s link index, and comparing the numbers on some backlink profile metrics against those of Wikipedia [which has never manipulated its backlink profile], it’s possible to get an idea o how natural a site’s backlink profile is. (more…)

BuzzStream Does It Again

It seems whenever BuzzStream send out an email with new product features for their link building CRM software, I’m highly impressed with the value they’ve added to their product. It’s a great competitive differentiation they’re building, and in my eyes, highly worth it for any link builder regularly building links manually. (more…)

Condoms For Panda: Noindex Low Value Pages Despite Inbound Links?

I recently came across what is to me a new SEO problem.

A site I consult with has some thin pages with a handful of ads at the top, some relevant local content sourced from a third party beneath that…

and a bunch of inbound links to said pages. Not just any links, but links from powerful news sites. My impression is that said links are paid (sidebar links, anchor text… nice number of footprints.) (more…)

How SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer Prioritizes Links

While emailing with Aaron Wheeler about SEOmoz‘s Link Intersect, Aagon gave me the following insight into how they crawl the web and prioritize their choices of links. It’s pretty fascinating from a tech perspective…

When To Take On A Client? Was Adam Audette Right Or Wrong?

In Adam Audette‘s recent link building column (via Wiep’s link roundup), he claims to have failed at link building (or more accurately, client relations). The client – a major corporation with 10 big websites – wanted results in a short time frame, so instead of going for high quality links that take time to build, Adam went for “freebie” links like profile links in order to boost up particular URLs on client sites.

As a result, though the SEO results were there, Adam’s client saw unimpressive reports about the actual links, so they left.

Adam blames himself for abandoning his normal M.O. and going for the easy links.

Did Adam really make a mistake though? (more…)

SphinnCon 2010 Videos

Hey Ladies and Gents!

Did you miss SphinnCon 2011? Sucks to be you! Fortunately, Elan Perach got a bunch of pics, videos and slides from the show.

Here’s the video of my own preso, on delegating and scaling link building.

A Better Way To Find Hubs

As you know, hubs are a great source of editorial links, i.e. they carry a lot of trust. Once you’ve found a type of hub with a hub finder though, do you need to keep wading through its results like a ridiculous automaton? (more…)

Mid-tail Keyword Domination

This is a guest post by John McElborough, who runs an SEO consultancy and PPC agency in the UK

In my last post here I shared some tactics for how you can cash in on long tail keywords using various content generation strategies. There’s no doubt that the long tail is where the traffic’s at but today I want to talk about the mid-tail which in many sectors is where the moneys at! (more…)

Deadblogging Pubcon – Low Risk, High Reward Links – Pt 2

At Pubcon, I was lucky enough to meet a person I’d long tweeted with, Melanie Phung. She took notes on a great link panel I wanted to attend but coudn’t.

For some background on Mel, she is a Washington DC SEO with extensive in-house experience.

She currently serves as director of new media at PBS. She’d like to remind fans of public media that they can watch TV online for free on the organization’s video portal or on PBS’ mobile apps.

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Part 2

Moderator: Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing


Greg Hartnett, Best of The Web

Dixon Jones, Majestic SEO

Rae Hoffman, Outspoken Media

Aaron Shear,

Aaron Shear of Talks About “Real World Links” (more…)

Deadblogging Pubcon – Low Risk, High Reward Links – Pt 1

At Pubcon, I was lucky enough to meet a person I’d long tweeted with, Melanie Phung. She took notes on a great link panel I wanted to attend but coudn’t.

For some background on Mel, she is a Washington DC SEO with extensive in-house experience.

She currently serves as director of new media at PBS. She’d like to remind fans of public media that they can watch TV online for free on the organization’s video portal or on PBS’ mobile apps.

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Part 1

Moderator: Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing


Greg Hartnett,  Best of The Web

Dixon Jones,  Majestic SEO

Rae Hoffman, Outspoken Media

Aaron Shear,

It’s no surprise that a session billing itself as a low-risk, high-reward link building session would be packed. Everyone is looking for the Holy Grail. (more…)

Want To Test The Text Link Broker Waters, Without Boiling Over?

I recently spent $200+ testing out a text link ad broker who promised a big network of blogs, without footprints. This link broker sells on a monthly membership basis that ended up auto-renewing for a few months, partly because I was too busy to test immediately when I bought it. Lesson #1: Avoid buying on impulse. (more…)

Hotel SEO Takes Conference Hall Facilities

Back when I used to do hotel SEO for the Hotel de Paris, one of the things that regularly came up in my competitive research was the importance of conference and convention hall facilities and networking in that field. (more…)

Review of Garrett French’s Link Building Book

Ontolo logo Let’s start with some notes and free-association thoughts on Citation Labs/Garrett French’s link building book :

A – The first chapter got off to a good start with some clever tips. (more…)

When Does Reputation Management Grow The Bottom Line?

A: When you rank for coupon terms plus your brand. A guest post by yours truly at my friend Dean Chew’s site, .

Some other recent guest posts of mine: (more…)

What’s The Base Value Of A Link?

Find out in this great, interactive linkbait piece by Vertical Measures.

Those of you who are subscribers know that you can always download my link reporting/scoring spreadsheet. [And have been able to download it for almost 2 years!]

The spreadsheet features the various factors that go into scoring etc in detail. Full details in my original SEOmoz post.

So… what are you waiting for? Add my rss feed to your reader, you link building lovers!

How To Play The Link Building Game

First, get familiar with the board. The dutch outfit have the link building board clearly laid out for your benefit.

How BuzzStream Made Itself Waaaay More Valuable

I was reading this post by Ann Smarty on SalesForce’s brilliant WP plugin, and it reminded of recent news from BuzzStream. BuzzStream are like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, but for link prospects. And they just added Twitter functionality.

Any link builder worth his salt knows that the best links are about repeatability.
And relationships are a big part of making links repeatable.
Twitter builds relationships.
Ergo, Twitter makes repeatable links possible.

It used to be the case that you had to copy-paste or do manual data entry if you were building relationships for clients on Twitter and using BuzzStream as your link prospect manager.
Now you can just synchronize Twitter and BuzzStream and your efforts will be pulled in directly.


Longtime readers will recall that human resource managers should be measuring social media for your company. This also ties in to using Twitter as a community, which imho is more efficient than seeing it as a broadcast platform.

If you like this post on tools/social/link building, check out my advanced SEO book and get a free chapter.

Where To Source Premium Content

There are a number of services of questionable ethics around, offering students to research and write full term papers for them. This is at the university level. For anyone familiar with the kind of work that goes into this, I would suggest that these sources can also be valuable sources for premium quality content. The type to linkbait professors, and (more…)

Google Is Fine With Guest Posts

I recently read Rhys Wynne’s interpretation of John Mueller’s comment that it’s better to add content on your own site than to add it elsewhere. I disagree strongly that this is the right reading of John’s comment. There are numerous other readings of it:

- A bunch of links to a thin site (e.g. without valuable content) doesn’t make that site a positive user experience. So don’t guest post at the expense/neglect of your own site. (more…)

Charity & Edu Link Opp

To my friends, acquaintances and readers: I’ve got a sweet link opportunity for you that combines charity with trusted educational links.

Together with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s student union (the “Aguda”) and the Office of Student Activities of the Rothberg International School, we’re organizing an anti-smoking programme. The idea is to give away -free – nicotine gum to students who want to quit, to help them kick the habit.

We’ll be setting up stalls where students can come ask for a pack of the gum, and invite them to give us their names/emails for follow up to see how they’re doing a little later. Permission marketing rather than interruption marketing, to avoid giving away gum to students not really determined to quit.

If you want to contribute to buying these gums for students, send me an email at gab@seor.. for details. I’m taking payments for this through Paypal, as well as contributing $1000 myself. We’ve also got people matching donations dollar for dollar, so that if you give $10, you’re helping us get $20 total.

For the links, any donation over $100 gets you a link on the aguda’s old, trusted site and another one on the program’s site. We may get a third link n Rothberg’s site, but it’s unclear for now.

I’m not sure whether we can give optimum anchor text, but I’ll do my best to arrange it. For the record, Matt Cutts approves of charity-donation links.

Again, to send money and get links, email gab at this domain (seor..).

Sneaky Link Tactics: Removing Credit Where It’s Not Due

The situation: Your competitors have inbound links that are broken because of typos, changes in URL structures etc.

The common link building commentary: Most SEOs who’ve been around the link building block will tell you that it’s an opportunity to ‘build links’ for free – to pick low hanging fruit. Just drop the site owner a little email and voila – good as new. More juice for you! (more…)

Guest Post Links: The Difference Is Repeatability

At SphinnCon 2010 yesterday in Jerusalem, I presented on guest post based link building. The main advantage, in addition to the high quality of links it builds relative to other sorts, is repeatability. View the preso to see what I mean.


Buying Text Links – Pre-Published vs. Post-Published

This is a guest post by Brandon Hopkins, a freelance Fresno website designer who blogs at

The most common way to buy links is to find a site that shows up in Google’s index, then contact the owner asking them to add your link in exchange for monetary compensation. What is often not considered is that published pages don’t change very often. (more…)

What Cicero the Roman Knew About Link Building

This is a guest post by Mark Ius, on behalf of Red Fly Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Ireland, which includes both a web design company, and an SEO company.

It’s well known that most SEOs hate link building with a passion. Why? Two reasons. (more…)

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