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Funny Photo Fridays – Odesk

Odesk: Change the world, make $250

Odesk: Change the world, make $250


Your company on Google Maps!

This is a guest post by Jonathan Villiard. You can find him at his SEO website and at his Funny Blog.

Yeah, OK, so Gabriel knows about local SEO, cool. But he does not know all there is to know, since he never gave you the following advice! (more…)

News! AdWords Freezes All Campaigns Until 2015

Because beating Yahoo and Bing into a necessary merger was just too easy, and because they’re sitting on [Dr Evil moment] MILLIONS (ok….. BILLIONS) of dollars, Google’s AdWords team decided to rest on their laurels and take a few years vacation. (more…)

Friday Photos: Startup Camp Montreal

Been doing some local events lately. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting… (more…)

100,000 Visitors and Other Observations – Friday Photos

Hey SEO ROI readers – time for another Friday Photos! Today I’ve got analytics stuff for you, advertising tidbits, some interesting/miscellaneous calls-to-action stuff, and some SEO material. This post is filed in the case studies category fyi. (more…)

Friday Photos

I’m starting a new column, Friday Photos, featuring observations from around the web. This week, we have some interesting advertising, analytics, email and ranking factor material. I left the ranking material stuff for the end, because, like any mother will tell you, save dessert for last! (more…)