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How I’m Bulk Creating 200+ Ads With High CTR In Facebook Campaigns

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This is the process I’m following to create ad campaigns on Facebook promoting my advanced SEO book.

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SEO godfather in black hatImages – Royalty free stock ex SXC, plus my own headshots – faces draw eyes so it’s worth starting with those to get a high CTR and low CPC.
Social Ads Manager (SAM) by Brighter Option – bulk ad creation, upload, powerful tracking built in, save targeted interests for reuse, great support by skype and email, cost is % of spend
Pixlr & MS Paint – Cropping, adjusting image brightness and contrast to shout louder, adding text and certain effects. Free! YAAY.
FBAdsToolbox – To add standard effects like image borders in different colors and certain neat image effects like scroll buttons, video play buttons etc. Very affordable at $58/year (save $60+) or $12/mo. (more…)

Google URL Builder: Trick To Bulk Tag URLs for Google Analytics

Ever try creating lots of Facebook ads that you wanted to track using Google Analytics? If so, you probably know Google’s URL Builder, which generates URLs with tracking tags. (See post-script for an explanation if you’re not familiar.) It does this for a spectacular amount of URLs at a time! Exactly one URL at a time, to be precise.

Frustrated by Google’s URL Builder tool? Here’s how to build URLs with tracking tags in bulk.


2 Facebook Ad Creation Programs For SMBs – Replacement for FB Ad Manager

The Problem With Facebook Ads

People buying Facebook ads have been getting progressively more sophisticated and large-scale. The problem with scaling is that the web interface is clunky and that the Bulk Uploader is only available for high rollers spending $1000/day + on Facebook ads. (more…)

Facebook Learns From AdSense

It’s a fairly well know tip amongst AdSense users that (more…)

Protected: Brighter Option’s Social Ads Manager (SAM) Review

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How Facebook Built A Competitive Advantage While Blocking Google

Yesterday, I described what I saw as a trend towards content communities becoming commodified. We ended on the question – how do you build a competitive advantage in such a case? (more…)

Is The Trend Towards Content-Communities Commodifying Them?

Ads are increasingly being bought to promote content, rather than to create brand awareness or sell directly. What’s interesting to me about this is that it’s a trend growing in parallel with a trend amongst large, SEO-driven sites towards building blog-focused communities. (more…)

Affiliate PPC Tip For Mixing Facebook, Shareasale & Prosper 202 Tracking

I just spent a few hours creating and editing an affiliate PPC campaign with Facebook Ad Manager, a Firefox extension that lets you mass-create, upload and split test ads (including split-testing images) on Facebook.

Now, while Facebook Ad Manager saved me a bunch of time, I screwed up with my Prosper 202 tracking setup and so the whole campaign needs to be rebuilt from the start.

Here’s what happened, and how to avoid it happening to you. (more…)

My Year In Review, Scratchpad Style

Here’s what I’ve experienced and learned in the past year. Feel free to skim, but as with my scratchpad first discussing submarine crawling, what you read here today may be industry-changing search news in 6 months… (more…)

Facebook Needs Subscribe to Comments App!

I can’t be the only one who comments on a photo and wants to see what responses, if any, the comment gets. And with Facebook expanding commenting to anything that can show up in the news feed, such as status updates, shared video/audio/image content, this app is even more important. This could easily be a top 10 app. The question is just how would you monetize it? Make it a branding move for your blog platform, maybe?

Footnote: This would help those users with naked pics of themselves on Facebook

Facebook CPApplication Recruitment Agency: Search Independent Business #3

Facebook offers the best demographic and niche targeting in existence on any ad network, anywhere. Is it any surprise, therefore, that it’s an extremely fertile grounds for recruiting? Here’s how a recruitment agency developed around Facebook ads could become a major player in the staff hiring game. (more…)

Search-Independent Businesses Webmaster-Entrepreneurs Can Start

With Google preparing to monopolize online shopping, webmasters everywhere need to be asking themselves what businesses they can build independent of those odd entities we call search engines. Over the next few days/weeks, I will share some back-of-the-envelope business models I’ve considered but not implemented for lack of time. Today I’m going to share a Facebook app idea adapted from Lucas Ng’s original take. (more…)

Facebook Nude Pics Taken by 30% of FBers -Poll

Find local singles to chat with for FREE. If you want to read the poll data on Facebook Nude Pics/Video and see the charts, they’re further down.

Facebook Nude Pics

My friend Alain McKenna recently published a poll I ran about people 18-24 having their picture taken in the nude. I wanted to give him the scoop, and now that he’s gotten it (it was even cited today on the radio – 94.3 FM Radio Energie) as I was waking up!) I’m republishing it in English (his post is in French).


Social Platforms vs. Communities – Know The Difference or Fail

Have you been poked yet? Facebook t shirtTwitter is a platform (with etiquette, but still a platform). It is home to a number of broad and niche communities. Ditto Facebook. They both provide users with a set of tools and things they can do.

Digg is both a platform and a community, but Pligg (more…)

4 Credibility Bombs Teach 2 Crucial Lessons on Link Worthiness

A girl I was close with in high school wanted to get her nipples pierced. I’d heard some horror stories about nipple piercings and decided that I’d do some research on the topic to try and dissuade her, assuming she’d learn from others’ mistakes. (more…)

Linking Oot n Aboot: Wynn Sucks, Learn Joomla SEO, Positive Facebook Ads ROI

I’ve decided to start a semi-regular link love thing sharing items I’ve recently come across that I’d like to share with you folks as being valuable resources. This “Linking Oot N Aboot” column name comes from David, who remarked to me upon seeing a picture of me in a suit with a poppy: “You’re a canuck too?!” Yep, sure am! And though I don’t have the maritime/Atlantic Canada pronunciation that we seem to be famous for, I’ll shamelessly use my country’s national slang for the hell of it. (more…)

83% of Facebook Users 18 – 24 Unaware Facebook Blog Exists – Poll

I ran a poll on Facebook targeting Facebook users 18-24 to find out whether they were aware of the existence of the Facebook Blog. 83% of them were not. This was following up on what Jane wrote at SEOmoz, regarding how she would make the Facebook blog more visible and certain other changes she’d make. After the jump, the precise details of the poll data. (more…)

Final Data from Facebook Flyers Campaigns

Here is the final campaign data of my two Facebook flyer campaigns, both of which were terminated December 3rd. All things told, spending under $2 for about 30,000 impressions seems like a sweet deal to me! Plus, I got some clicks and awareness, and it helped me make a good industry connection that has since translated into a few links. So while Aaron paid $500 for links through AdWords, (more…)

Weblo Sells Facebook Profile Page Ads; Here’s What Facebook Should Do

From the NYT (yes, that link is a nofollow and no, it’s not by accident) comes news that Montreal company (I love our city!) Weblo is helping users sell advertising on their Facebook profile pages. That’s not all though. Weblo is also empowering users to sell ads on their Youtube, Blogger, Myspace, Orkut and other web profiles. (more…)

Facebook Flyers to Die December 3 2007; My Campaign Data

Since Facebook announced their new ad platform, they were allowing advertisers with existing Flyers campaigns to continue running the campaigns until said campaigns were paused or deleted. Now, those campaigns will be automatically shut off by Facebook on December 3rd. (Edit: This is gaining traction at Sphinn. Please Sphinn it to help it go hot!) (more…)

Presentation on Facebook Ads | NOT An “Advertising Presentation”

I presented “Facebook Advertising and Reputation Management” at FacebookCamp Montreal yesterday. It was my first time presenting at a conference (or “unconference,” rather, to use the words of the generous Sylvain Carle of Praized and Frog in the Valley) and I was pretty nervous just before starting.

It didn’t help that I had to revamp my presentation because of Facebook changing its ad platform radically (see the new Facebook Ads) just the day before and me finding out 4 hours ahead of gametime!

Read on to see what I did right (nothing), wrong (everything) and the slides from my presentation! (more…)

55% Facebook Users Have Shopped, Bought Online This Past Year

A Further 26% Shop Online and Make Their Purchases Offline

Facebook Polling has discovered that 55% of Facebook users aged 35-49 have shopped and bought at least a couple of things online this year. Those who said that they shop and buy online regularly comprised the largest group of poll respondents, at 31%. This new data reveals a trend away from the scepticism about ecommerce that was more prevalent in past years.

The poll, conducted through Facebook by search engine optimization and internet marketing firm SEO ROI, reveals growing comfort with ecommerce amongst consumers. (more…)

Facebook Practices Search Engine Reputation Management

Facebook is practicing Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM). TechCrunch, one of the leading tech blogs on the net, wrote that Facebook polls would not allow you to include competitors’ names in them. This was at the time when Facebook Polls had just launched and could have easily been a major PR problem for Marc Zuckerberg’s billion dollar+ company. (more…)